Ultimate Guide To Types of Eye Shapes

The eyes and eye shapes are the main feature in the face and one that we tend to notice right from the get-go in someone else. This physical characteristic can be similar but often not the same, not even between members of the same family.

The eyes are often praised and something to be proud of by many; whether it’s color or shape, eyes are said to be the windows to the soul and possess a somewhat mysterious depth, but that’s for another post.
Did you know that there are not just a couple but several eye shapes? There are at least eight, and here we’ll tell you all about it.
The shape of the eyes is critical in defining the frame of your entire face and can say a lot about someone. Just think about Asians; by looking into their eye shape, you can assume their race already.

Learning about your eye shape will enable you to accentuate them the right way and find the best possible tips and tricks to make them pop even with little makeup.

What Are The Different Types of Eye Shapes?

Check out some of the most known eye shapes.

Almond Eyes

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Almond-shaped eyes are longer in width than they are round and have a minor eyelid, just like the shape of an almond! This eye shape is often described as flawless among eye shapes. Why do you ask? Because when it comes to proportion, almond eyes are unbeatable.

Round Eyes

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Round eyes are by default large, prominent and look like their name implies, circular. An unmistakable characteristic of round eyes is that they give the illusion of being more open than other types.
The cornea of round eyes is surrounded by white all the way around. The inner and outer corners of round eyes are rounded and not pulled inward or outward. Most children are often described as having round eyes, which is why round eyes are linked to youthfulness.

Monolid Eyes

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The monolid eye shape is easy to identify; it is found mainly on Asian women with a less apparent crease. Since the monolid eye is naturally slender than other eye shapes, these tend to show age faster.

Protruding Eyes

Types of Eye Shapes: Protruding EyesPin

People with protruding eyes are those whose eyeballs seem to stick out of the eye socket, giving them a more prominent and bold gaze, almost like having a surprising look on the face.

Downturned Eyes

Types of Eye Shapes: Upturned EyesPin

You have a downturned eye shape when the outer corners of downturned eyes are lower than the inner corner. In other words, you have a descending eyelid. Downturned eyes are linked to sexy-looking women. Unfortunately, this eye shape will quickly show signs of aging, such as crow’s feet.

Upturned Eyes

Types of Eye Shapes: Upturned EyesPin

With upturned eyes, you will find that the outer corner is higher than the inner one. What I am saying is the opposite of downturned eyes and gives the person an exotic aspect.

Close Set Eyes

Types of Eye Shapes: Close Set EyesPin

When talking about close-set eyes, it’s more about the location or placement of the eyes, if you will, rather than its shape. As the name implies, close-set eyes will be situated closer to the bridge of the nose and closer to one another. A person with close-set eyes has an intense gaze.

Wide-set Eyes

Types of Eye Shapes: wide Set EyesPin

Wide-set eyes are the exact opposite of close-set eyes. You’ll find that wideset eyes have a significant gap between them. This shape is linked to kind people and is often described as mystical.

Which Is The Best Eye Shape?

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All eye shapes are just great in their way but know that there is also quite possible to be in-between eye shapes. It’s a common occurrence to find almond-shaped eyes that are a bit rounder than others.
So, the question is not which is the best eye shape somewhat which is yours and what you can do with it.

Now, most people express they wish to have almond-shaped eyes because they are associated with natural beauty and sensuality.

How Do You Know Your Eye Shape?

There are tests and polls you can take to know your specific eye shape. You can also ask a professional makeup artist or determine your eye shape by simple analysis on your own.

How To Apply Eye Makeup Depending On Eye Shapes

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Once you have figured out your eye shape, it will make all the sense to apply your makeup and beauty products accordingly. You can search for the best tips that will suit your specific eye shape to look your absolute best all the time.

Almond Eyes

Experts recommend putting light color on the lid and a darker color in the outer half/crease of the eye to accentuate its shape. You can try nearly everything on almond eyes, apply eye shadow across the eyelids, apply eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line. Apply shadow to just below the eyeliner on the lower lash line. Don’t forget about mascara. You can also opt for making the eyeliner thicker on the lower lid to make the shape stand out.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are super adaptable and can wear liner and shadows in most colors. Experts recommend using eyeliner in the waterline to close up some of the white space. Just be mindful of your lashes, applying mascara only to top lashes.

Monolid Eyes

Since the monolid eye is one in which no eyelid is visible, applying eyeliner can be tricky. You may want to use tape to help make the lid bigger. Having a monolid eye means you will have less space above the eye, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply a color or even a smokey effect under the eye and in the waterline.

Protruding Eyes

Since protruding eyes seem more extensive and round than usual, try to elongate the look by using eyeshadow. What is essential here is that you don’t bring the eye shadow too low on the lower lash-line. Instead, you are looking to make it as close to the lash line as possible and even to the waterline.

Downturned Eyes

For downturned eyes is all about balance. Makeup wise you are looking to lift the outer corners with liner and shadows while also extending them to create a lifted outer corner appearance.
This eye shape is suitable for cat eyes and false eyelashes.

Upturned Eyes

Create uniformity by focusing liner on the bottom outer corners of the eyes. You can also extend eyeliner on the upper lash line to highlight the eye shape.

Close Set Eyes

When working with close-set eyes, you’ll want to make your eyes appear wider; to do this, you can apply three or four eye shadow colors working your way from the inner corner outward.

Wide-set Eyes

Wide-set eyes look simply fantastic with dark eye shadow and highlighting the outer corner instead of the inner corner.

Common Questions About Ultimate Guide To Types of Eye Shapes

What eye shape is most common?

The most common eye shape is the round eye shape. This shape is characterized by having a round pupil and iris, with little to no variation in width or length. Round eyes are found in approximately 50% of the population.

What is the rarest eye shape?

The rarest eye shape is the oval eye shape. This shape is characterized by having an oval pupil and iris, with little to no variation in width or length. Oval eyes are found in approximately 5% of the population.

What is the difference between an oval eye shape and a round eye shape?

The main difference between an oval eye shape and a round eye shape is that oval eyes are more elongated than round eyes. Additionally, oval eyes typically have a more defined crease than round eyes.

What are the most common problems with oval eye shapes?

The most common problem with oval eye shapes is that they can be susceptible to dryness and irritation. Additionally, oval eyes may also experience difficulty producing tears, which can lead to Dry Eye Syndrome.

What are the most common problems with round eye shapes?

The most common problem with round eye shapes is that they can be susceptible to overgrowth of the eyelashes, which can cause irritation and inflammation. Additionally, round eyes may also experience difficulty producing tears, which can lead to Dry Eye Syndrome.

What are the prettiest eyes shape?

There is no one “prettiest” eyes shape, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people may find almond-shaped eyes to be the most attractive, while others may prefer round or deep-set eyes. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide what they think looks best. Whatever shape your eyes may be, there are ways to accentuate them and make them look their best. For example, if you have almond-shaped eyes, you can try using winged eyeliner to give them a more dramatic look. If you have round eyes, you can use dark eyeshadow in the outer corners to create the illusion of a more almond-shaped eye. No matter what your eyes shape is, there are ways to make them look their best!

What is the rarest eye color?

The rarest eye color is green. Hazel eyes are the next most common, followed by blue and then brown. Green eyes are thought to be the rarest because they are less common in people of Caucasian descent, and because green is a recessive allele. Blue eyes are also considered to be relatively rare, although this is largely due to the fact that blue is a recessive allele. Brown eyes are the most common type of eye color.

Are upturned eyes rare?

Some people are born with upturned eyes, which is a relatively rare occurrence. However, there are a number of surgical procedures that can be performed to achieve this look.

Who has the most beautiful eyes in the world 2022?

According to the website “Ranker”, the beautiful eyes in the world will belong to Kiari Kendrell Cephus, also known as Offset, a rapper with the hip-hop band Migos. He is of American nationality and has African American ethnicity. His eyes are mesmerizing and unique and have dark brown irises. He has been in the entertainment industry since 2013 and has won several awards, including BET Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

Other celebrities with beautiful eyes include actress Scarlett Johansson, model Bella Hadid, and singer Beyonce. They all have different eye colors, but each one is stunning in their own way.

What kind of eyes do guys like?

Some guys like green eyes, some blue, and others brown. It really just depends on the guy’s preference.

What makes eyes unattractive?

There is no one answer to this question, as people find different features unattractive in eyes. Some might find deep-set eyes unattractive, or small eyes, or uneven eyelids. Some people might find that the color of someone’s eyes makes them unattractive.

Can the shape of your eye change?

Yes, the shape of your eye can change. This is called astigmatism and is a common vision disorder. It’s caused by an irregular curvature of the cornea, which causes light to be focused in more than one place when it hits the eye. This results in blurry vision at all distances.

There are two types of astigmatism: regular and irregular. Regular astigmatism is caused by an evenly curved cornea, while irregular astigmatism is caused by an unevenly curved cornea.

Astigmatism can be treated with corrective lenses, such as glasses or contact lenses. Surgery is also an option, but it’s typically reserved for more severe cases.

If you have astigmatism, you’ll likely need to wear corrective lenses all your life. However, it’s possible for the condition to improve over time. This is most common in children, who often outgrow their astigmatism as their eyes continue to develop.

How can I reshape my eyes naturally?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, some things that you may be able to do in order to reshape your eyes naturally include:

  • Doing eye exercises regularly
  • Wearing glasses or contacts that correct your vision
  • Getting plastic surgery
  • Taking eye drops or using other methods to improve your vision
  • Adjusting your diet to include more eye-healthy foods
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Of course, it is always best to consult with a doctor or other medical professional before undertaking any sort of natural eye reshaping regimen. They will be able to advise you on whether or not a particular method is likely to work for you and help you to avoid any risks.

What causes eye shape?

Genetics are the primary factor in determining eye shape. Your genes determine the basic structure of your eyes, including the shape of your irises and the position and size of your pupils.

Other factors that can affect eye shape include nutrition, disease, and injury. Poor nutrition during development can lead to eyes that are smaller or misshapen. Diseases like measles and meningitis can also cause damage to the eye that alters its shape. And finally, any sort of trauma to the eye—such as being hit in the eye—can cause the eye to change shape.

Does eye shape affect vision?

No, eye shape does not affect vision. Eye shape is genetic and does not change the way you see. Having a certain eye shape may give you better vision in some cases, but overall, it does not affect your vision.