Types of Hair Clips

Among the most common, flexible, and useful types of hair accessories, we find hair clips. These are always on trend and are a staple of any woman’s beauty arsenal. Hair clips are used to hold the hair in place, and can also be used as an extra bonus in hairstyling, blow-drying, and to take your fashion statement to another level.

Believe it or not, a hair clip can be one of the important tools for women of all ages, these can be lifesavers during those terrible ‘bad hair days.’ In the everlasting quest to look ‘presentable’, women always need a hair clip because they want to tighten their hair. It doesn’t really matter if you have long or short hair, hair clips are used to tighten or secure hair which is the clip’s most important role.

This type of hair accessory can also be found in many different types, from claw hair clips to butterfly hair clips to Bobby Pin hair clips. Some are made to hold thick masses of hair while some are designed to hold a toddler’s and even babies’ fine hair strands. The good news is you can choose from a wide variety of types of hair clips and there are even hair clips by feature but don’t fret, it is not as complicated as it sounds and with this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to look your best wearing your favorite hair clip.

Types Of Hair Clips Reviewed In This Article

How to use All Types of Hair Clips

If you want your hair to actually stay in place using a hair clip, especially if you want to ensure your hair doesn’t fall within the hour, you can do a ponytail twist following the next steps:

  1. Gather hair into a ponytail that hits right in the middle of the back of your head. Secure with an elastic band.
  2. Twist the length of the ponytail about two-thirds of the way down to the ends and wrap around once fully as if forming a bun, stopping with the loose end facing up. There should still be the length of your ponytail left over.
  3. Using your claw clip, clamp where the bun twist ends and your loose ponytail hair begins. If the style is a clock, the claw clip should be at 12 o’clock. This creates a higher and more secure version of the traditional low French twist using a claw clip. It especially suits thicker, longer hair.

Types of Hair Clips

1. Hawwwy 110 Ultimate Bobby Pins

This is the smallest and perhaps most commonly found hair clip and a favorite of most young girls. Girls prefer this clip perhaps because it is quite easy to utilize and it can quickly give you a trendy look while holding your hair tightly.

Bobby hairpins are also the most common and simple hairpins available in the market. Furthermore, this clip is very durable and if you have short hair, only they will be able to hold your hair. You can get any shape and size bobby pin you need or your hair requires.

These are also highly used to make any hairstyle in which many layers are to be formed and maintained. They are the oldest pins used to decorate your hair. They also come in handy when you have to fix a wig or extension to your hair. Easy to use these pins are widely available at a very minimal cost. The Hawwy 110 ultimate bobby pins come highly recommended.

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2. Modunaka Large Gold Metal Hair Claw Clip

Claw hair clips are quite popular, using this type you can easily make the ponytail or just gather small hairs and tighten using this clip. It will increase the hairstyle and make your hair half-style. You can choose any type color, shape, and size.

Claw clips have been the first choice of many since they came into the market. These are firm and provide a tight grip on the hair in order to hold your desired hairstyle firm.

The claw clips are made of fiber and are available in several colors, designs, and sizes. They hold a busy market as you will see them easily available and easy to use.

This type of hair clip comes in a range of sizes to suit the volume of the hair. Some are small, while others are really big to hold the entire hair up, like a bun. You can even use it to hold the hair as you are styling it.

From updos to all the different hairstyles these claw clips will bring out the best of your hairstyles. It works for all hair types, long or short, thick or thin, and fine or normal.

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3. Goody Metal Contour Hair Snap Clips

Snap hair clips are pretty popular because these can hold a lot of hair at ago just the same way as they do with a few strands of hair. Mostly, you will find it being used to pull the hair out of your face. These are also known as contour clips.

This type of hair clip is often made of a single piece of metal. The end is pushed open to snap the middle part open. Metal hair clips are generally used by kids but nowadays also adults are using them. They look cute on kids and they come in different shapes for them.

Most hair clips are sold in different colors and snap clips are no exception. They are also sold in fancy patterns like all the others. The simple snapping mechanism makes them great for kids that are learning to style their own hair. Great for fine hair types.

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4. Fagaci Firm Grip Hair Clips

This type of hair clip is usually made from a single piece of plastic and receives its name due to the hinge in the middle that allows them to fold in half. The bottom part of the barrette that goes against the head has a small hole in it on the end, into which a bag on the top half of the barrette will snap to hold it close.

Truthfully, these types of hair clips may not be the easiest to manage, so they might not be the best option for young girls who are learning to style their own hair. Another thing to have in mind is that the hair may slip out and fall from these barrettes and kids may find them difficult at first.

Even though they often have plastic teeth to help hold the strands of hair in place, these are not the go-to alternative if you are looking for a strong grip. As a recommendation, if the person utilizing them will be quite active, these may not be the best option as they don’t provide enough control from hair falling down.

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5. French Design Celluloid Rectangular Hair Barrettes Automatic Hair Clip

As the name indicates, this hair clip type has its origin in France and is another best-demanding hair clip, especially among older women. The French barrette is usually small, made of metal, and has a fastener underneath that pops into place to secure the hair.

Barrettes can be small and placed over the ear or come in a large variety to be attached to the back of the head.

The classic style is two simple lines of metal on top but nowadays many different materials are fastened to this top portion for vibrant styling; the top could include pearls to other pretty-looking addons. The French barrette is also very popular because it secures the hair and the clip never harms your hair.

Oversize French barrette is also quite popular. These are fantastic when you start growing your hair and need some hold in place. These are often considered a timeless accessory, one that can get very fancy and even make you feel as if you are out from a Brontë novel, especially those marbled or with a floral motif.

Brands such as MC Davidian or Simone Rocha make barrettes with a classic rectangular cut and adorned with little gems.

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6. Banana Hair Clips for Women

These popular types of hair clips are for securing a lot of hair at once. Thanks to its teeth in the middle and the outer circle that locks together on one end, it is the best option for long and thicker hair, in other words, it will never disappoint. This hair clip type apparently became popular in the ‘80s.

Another characteristic of this hair clip type is that it is quite flexible. It will pull mostly your thick hair in place. Just think about it, you can use the banana clips to hold dreadlocks and braids among other styles while attending your yoga class and performing other exercises that require your hair to stay put.

Women with thick, kinky hair can search for larger versions made of bendable, flexible material that exists in the marketplace. Choose a simple design for every day or select a decorated one made of beautiful materials for an important event, such as a wedding.

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7. Double Prong Pin Curl Setting Section Hair Clips

This hair clip type looks closely similar to the alligator clips. Of course, most of the clips you buy are used to hold the hair in place once you are ready to go but not this one. This one works to help you style your hair. Double prong curl hair clip, is a girl’s best friend for styling. You can choose any color, shape, and size.

For the mentioned reason, this is a particular hair clip type, since its main purpose is to aid you in styling the hair, these do not come with the usual teeth. Safe to say you don’t want to wear them when you are out of the house. However, these are a great help to keep your hair in place whenever you are using the curlers.

Another preferred use for this hair clip type is to help you style your hair if you are going to be doing finger waves. If you don’t want your hair to dry in funny shapes, using a double-prong curl hair clip to hold your finger waves, is always a good idea.

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8. FRAMAR Pastel Alligator Hair Clips

Alligator hair clips also known as sectioning clips are used to hold large sections of hair during the styling process. Closely resembling an alligator’s jaws, a gator clip is a pinch clip that is built with a spring. These gator clips, crocodile clips,s or sectioning clips are a must-have for any woman.

The long, narrow shape makes them comfortable for securing hair for long periods of time.
Use them while applying extensions, blow-drying, straightening, curling, braiding, or in any styling moment where you would need an extra hand.

For that reason, these are also often used by hair stylists for holding layers of hair in place as they style and cut. These provide light hold and grip to the hair through small, pointy teeth, thus the name. The top half of this clip is often decorated with fabric, beads, or crystals.

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9. Bantoye 3.5 Inches Rustproof Metal Alligator Curl Hair Clips

This type is most often utilized in a professional hair salon. Hairdressers and stylists use them when cutting or highlighting hair because the sharp point at the end of this long, thin clip is perfect for sectioning off fine portions of hair without having to reach for a comb.

This also means that they don’t hold as much hair as sectioning clips. You may not need this variety unless you are a professional or need to section off your hair for braids. The reason why these are not particularly popular among users is.

Experts recommend that if you must get your hands on this particular hair clip, you will want to look for ones that are metal, plastic ones just don’t last as long and can be prone to snap.

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10. AIMIKE 6 Pack Hair Clips for Styling and Sectioning

For women who have busy schedules and have long thick hair, having a sectioning clip on hand can make a huge difference, is women’s long hair’s best option. It is considered the best because this clip type has the special capability to hold a large section of hair during the styling process making life that much easier.

You can easily come up with any type of hairstyle using this clip. Most professional hairstylist experts are using this clip to make different types of hairstyles. You can choose any type of hair clip as per your need and requirement.

Most women opt for hair clips when styling at home because they tighten the hair and it will also fix the hair in one place. Most working ladies and women prefer hair clips because during work they need their hair out of the way.

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11. Butterfly Hair Claw Clips

Butterfly hair clips are highly popular among girls. This is another set of clips that is quite popular especially since it has rapidly evolved. These ones are easy to hide in your hair and you can have them not creating so much attention. A butterfly clip, also called a clutch, jaw, or claw clip, is another type of hair accessory that remains popular despite its evolution, you will surely find a pair lying around at home.

Bring back that 90s flair with cute butterfly clips. Don’t think about wearing just one, several clips are usually worn at a time with each small section of hair braided or twisted. They can’t hold much hair at once, so use these throwback clips as a decorative style.

Depending on the size, these mostly have two combs with fine teeth. The teeth are attached to the middle with a potent spring. This spring allows you to push the two combs’ sides and therefore open the mouth then when you release it shuts or locks the hair together.

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12. California Tot Non Slip Fully Lined Alligator Faux Leather Bow Hair Clips

Baby hair clips are quite a in demand, whether it may be baby headbands, hair clips and hats are all in trend.
Adorable unique or custom, handmade pieces can be found for babies and the best part, using them is not only a stylish statement for baby girls but also and most importantly, safe, if used correctly.

As a recommendation, your baby should never at any moment be allowed to handle them. This includes headbands with embellishments on them such as gems and pearls as they could come loose with handling and also be slipped into tiny mouths.

Some designs are made of artificial leather, non-slip, and lightweight clips that are fully covered with grosgrain ribbon to ensure your little ones can wear them comfortably throughout their active day while strongly grasping even the finest hair.

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13. ABS Nonslip Jumbo Hair Clips Strong Hold Hair Jaw Clips

Big hair clips are quite popular because you can easily hold your entire mane into an updo and be out the door. These are big enough to hold the entire hair up, like a bun; therefore these become a practical tool and a must for women with abundant hair.

If you have thick hair, big hair clips that open wide are designed with strong grips and will become your best friend. Whether you are going for a quick errand or are wanting to style your hair with the blow-dried or straightener, your thick and voluminous hair will only be tamed if you hold it with a big and strong hair clip.

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14. Goody Classics Mini Claw Clips

Mini hair clips can be small but sturdy and are the perfect answer for holding sections of hair or pulling hair back from the crown. These usually provide good hold and clip your hair into place, strong hinges help keep hair from slipping for a long-lasting style.

These mini clips come in different colors and are great for long-lasting style, and strong hinges, and your hair will not easily slip. So don’t be fooled by their size, that said, precisely due to their size, small amounts of hair can be gathered. These are quite popular with young girls and women with short and wavy hair.

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15. NARAMAX Bumpit Hair Clips

If you ever struggled with securing your bumpit, you need not worry anymore. Sure it used to be a quote challenge but this simple yet revolutionary style attaches a bumpit filler to a small, comb clip so that placing and securing the volumizing portion onto your hair has never been easier.

Bumpit hair clips are mostly used for sleek, elaborate updos, or for extra oomph on a night out. Women with long hair are highly benefitted from this fantastic styling tool. These are usually made of plastic and sponge material. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and self-gripping hidden inserts.

All you need to do is take your hair off the top to hold it up and place the teeth of the comb to lift hair, insert the teeth slip into the hair, and then take your hair to the comb. The best part, it’s comfortable invisible, self-gripping, and hidden insets to hair. No need for additional pins or clips.

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16. RN BEAUTY U-Shaped hair clips

U-Shaped hair clips are often confused for bobby pins, but u-shaped hairpins can do more heavy lifting than their narrow counterparts. You’d want to get your hands on these when pinning complex up-dos, especially when dealing with thick hair.

Even when it doesn’t look like it, the wide U shape of this pin can tuck and secure loads of hair. These are usually made of steel, and double-coated for long-lasting use. These are rust-resistant, not easy to break or fade after applying for a long time; and the crinkle in the middle provides a good grip and won’t slide off.

These are also fit for most people and different ages, suitable for everyday use and numerous important occasions.

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Types of Hair Clips by Feature

Weave types of hair clips

Weave hair clips or hair clip sets are really fun to use. If you wear hair clips frequently, choose a hair clip set. Sets usually contain a variety of colors, designs, or sizes. The extra hair clips allow you to mix and match with your wardrobe and have a spare if you lose one.

Metal hair clips

Most hair clips are made employing two materials, either metal or plastic. Metal clips can be more durable and hold thick, long hair more securely. However, metal is heavier than plastic and in some cases can rust. Plastic clips tend to work better for thinner, short hair and are usually more decorative in nature.

You also need to be careful while handling metal clips since these could also hurt your scalp.

Rubberized hair clip

If you belong to the bunch that struggles to hold your hair, or if you have experienced problems with your hair slipping out of the regular clips before, then it is time to consider buying rubberized hair clips to keep your hair in place.

This type of hair clip comes with is specially designed to help hold fine and thin strands out of your face. These are made with small rubber dots which work their magic in holding hair in place. Rubberized hair clips do not look any different from the other types so you can style your hair worry-free without anyone noticing you have gone for a different alternative.

Embellished hair clip

There may be occasions when you will need to look different, perhaps more elegant, those times when you really dress up and your hairstyle needs to match. On such special events, you can opt to add an embellished hair clip to give your overall look that final touch.

These are definitely not meant for everyday use, but you’ll want to have these on hand for fancier occasions. As a pro tip, the embellished clip should match the color of your outfit.

Mini Shaped Clips

Mini-shaped clips are here to save you from the challenge of styling a toddler’s hair. When dealing with fine hair, as is the case with most toddlers, large clips just won’t work. The reason why mini clips are the only way to get around this issue.

As you may imagine these are designed to hold smaller sections of hair just what you need to keep hairs out of their faces. Once you are able to hold smaller amounts of hair, you will easily get around the problems associated with styling toddler hair.

Minimalist hair clip

If what you want is a prolonged duration and a classy look, then opting for a minimalist hair clip might be the thing for you. These are usually made of metal and look extremely chic while holding and equally adorning your mane.

These are fantastic options for formal events and for women with long hair. These also come in handy for wedding parties and banquet events. Thanks to their usual geometric form these, will look effortlessly good with any outfit and will hold entire hair completely.

Natural Colors hair clips

Hair clips that match your natural hair color may seem boring at first, but this comes quite handy because they have the ability to blend so they won’t be as obvious when you are using them.

The exact purpose of these clips is not to stand too much so you can achieve a more natural look. Most different types of hair clips come in natural colors so that you can choose your favorite clip style and still have it look great.

Theme hair clips

These hair clips are exactly as they sound, these can be a fun choice for that specific event in which you want to show your personality. These come in a wide range of different colors and shapes and are also a fun option for young girls.

These are great for Halloween, hearts for Valentine’s Day, and other special holidays. Keep in mind these may need special storing so may want to be careful and not too rough with these.

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Photo of author
After graduating from an apprenticeship program in 2010, color specialist Doris began working behind the chair. She started with color corrections and then moved on to creative color. Currently, she works with blonding and grey-blending clients. Sarah views hair color as both an art form and a science and is passionate about salon education, which is the main reason why she started this blog. She has the Invisible Bead Extension Certification and the Bellami Master Certification for extensions.