Best Stocking Wig Caps (Top 5 for Everyday Use)

Wearing a wig for that big event you’ve been planning is a great way to give yourself a little makeover without wasting too much time. Or perhaps you are a longtime fan of wigs, either way; if you are going to opt for one, you automatically need the best stocking wig caps you can find.

Whether you are new to wigs or not, you should know that wigs can be really fun. In addition to helping you rock a new look, many choose to wear a wig to help cover hair loss. However, and though wigs are pretty effective in their job, it is not fun to experience an irritated scalp; here is where a stocking wig cap is much appreciated.

Wig caps are a must when you wear a wig for long hours during the day; these act as a barrier between your scalp and the wig, so wearing one doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable time if you get yourself a quality stocking wig cap. As you can tell, wig caps are pretty much a necessity from the moment you start considering wearing a wig.

In addition, wig caps are very simple to use and perfectly mimic your head’s shape for fantastic results. If you have no idea where to look for yours, we’ve put together some of the best stocking wig caps available for your consideration.

Stocking Wig Caps Reviewed In This Article

How To Choose The Perfect Stocking Wig Caps For You

When picking out the perfect stocking wig caps for you, there are several things you need to keep in mind.

The best wig caps are made from stretchable fabric, so they will easily fit over a head of any size. They should be lightweight and should not become a burden over your head since you still need to put the actual wig on.

Look for those with a superabsorbent fabric to absorb excess sweat. The cap’s fabric must also be soft, comfortable, and suitable for sensitive skin.

To keep the wig from slipping, your stocking wig cap should come with a wideband but one that does not grip the head too tight.

Make sure to choose your stocking wig caps with a wideband because these ones hold their places firmly, minus possible skin or scalp irritation.

Wig Caps Types

  • Basic: This is a machine-made wig cap. Sewing wefts make it on a strip of thin elastic material. It is lightweight and has built-in volume.
  • Dome cap: This cap is thicker. It is a nylon cap made with spandex fabric that makes it more stretchable. People with thick, long hair can pick a dome cap for a perfect fit.
  • Weaving cap: This is a sew-in style wig cap made of mesh material with an adjustable strap for custom fitting.
  • U-Part wig cap: The U-Part caps come with adjustable straps, and the material is a stretchable mesh. The caps come in a standard size, and the adjustable strap can extend the wig cap as per the head size.
  • The Japanese swim cap is a lightweight mesh cap with a thick band, and the stretchy fabric fits it to every head size. The mesh material makes it breathable and comfortable for long wear.

Best Stocking Wig Caps


What We Like

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • One Size
  • Adjustable

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey
  • Too Tight

The Lace Wig Grip features a one-size-fits-all adjustable wig band that grips your wig and provides no-slip all-day security with its uniquely patented construction.

Designed with a transparent part for a seamless look and fabricated with high-quality Swiss Lace to eliminate bulk. The grip is constructed with reinforced lace to prevent tearing and closed diamond stitching to avoid rolling.

The Fully Adjustable WiGrip features a premium uniquely patented construction that safely secures your wig and eliminates the need for clips, combs, or glue; Wear any time, any day, and without hassle.

What Our Testers Say

It’s very comfortable, and I felt very secure with my wigs; there was no wig slippage with head movement or in windy weather! The adjustment was perfect for my petite head. I would highly recommend it and will definitely buy it again.

MainBasics Adjustable Velvet Wig Grip Band

What We Like

  • Adjustable Velcro
  • Helps Eliminates Headaches
  • Prevents Bald Spots
  • Polyester

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey

The wig cap is perfect for keeping your wigs in place. It secures your wig in place without needing other glues, tape, etc. It prevents headaches and bald spots as well.

The wig grip band is easy and comfortable to wear; it’s meant to be worn under your wig like the directions on the label sewn on. Made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.

It’s made from high-quality velvet, which makes it soft ad comfortable, and with an adjustable Velcro fastener in the back to adjust to most head sizes. It can be washed in the washing machine in cold water or a delicate setting and with mild detergent.


This stocking wig cap is a game-changer. The hair on my wig would move around, but I never felt it lift up. I was super impressed, and now, I always wear this band when I wear my wig.

Milano Collection Wig Caps for Women

What We Like

  • Nude
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Tight Snug

The one size fits all solution so you can wear the cap with ease; it can be used to pull back your natural hair for space to glue down any lace front wig.

It is composed of a soft, breathable, and comfortable nylon material with an elastic finish that creates a secure barrier between your scalp and the wig’s interior cap lining. This stretchable yet breathable fabric allows for an airy and lightweight feel.

It is also seamless and undetectable due to the blendable, opaque color options that blend seamlessly with your scalp.

What Our Testers Say

Not all stocking caps are made alike, but this one is right on, and the color is exactly as it looks and says. Pretty much matches my skin complexion, so I may have to go lighter color the next time, but these are amazing, and the price is good I still have some left.

Lace Wig Grip Cap Stocking Dome Cap

What We Like

  • Elastic Headband
  • Non-Slip

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey

This wig cap band holds your wig on while protecting the edges and creating a natural part. The attached cap helps to keep your wig from slipping by providing added friction.

No matter how much or how little hair you have, the wig caps provide total coverage and gripping power. The lace mesh protects your frontal edges and creates a natural-looking part.

The lace comes in brown and tan, giving you the flexibility you need to blend hair and skin. The cap has been designed to be worn daily, every day. It is machine washable on a gentle cycle with a delicate-friendly detergent.

What Our Testers Say

Whether you have hair or not, this wig grip cap is a must-have if you are a wig wearer. Once you try it, you won’t want to return to regular wig grips.

DREAM Deluxe Wig Cap

What We Like

  • Easy To Use
  • Spandex
  • Extra Jumbo One Size

What We Don’t Like

  • Nylon

This light cap makes wearing light-colored wigs easy. It features high-end stitching for the best and most comfortable results. Extra jumbo one size means it fits all head sizes and all hair types.

These are fantastic for those with very long and thick hair; the deluxe size will ensure it is all in place. Just place it over your head, and you are ready to go.

The material of this cap is high-grade superior quality ultra sheer. It is perfect for covering hair for wigs, hats, and jobs that require hair safety rules.

What Our Testers Say

This worked perfectly for me, I tried it this weekend with my white wig, and it worked great and didn’t shift at all. I wish I had had this when I did my first Cosplay.

How To Use Stocking Wig Caps Steps

Step 1: Put your cap on clean hair

Make sure your scalp is clean before putting on the stocking wig cap

Stocking Wig Caps: Woman preparing to use stocking wig caps

Step 2: Flat your hair

If you have natural hair, try braiding or twisting it to flatten it as much as possible and avoid any bumps under the wig.

You can use a rat tail comb or your fingers to tuck all the hair on the sides and back underneath.

Stocking Wig Caps: Woman showing how to flat her hair prior to using a stocking wig capPin

Step 3: Place the wig cap

Pull the wig cap down to your neck, with the widened elastic band placed downwards. Stretch the rolled-up open-end backward till the widened elastic band stays at your hairline.

Stocking Wig Caps: Woman placing a wig cap on her head

Step 4: Finishing touches

Make sure to put all your hair inside the wig cap and make it as flat as possible.

Stocking Wig Caps: Woman finshing placing the stocking wig cap

Stocking Wig Caps Buying Guide

What are Stocking Wig Caps?

Wig caps are form-fitting to help your hair stay put and keep your wig anchored to give a more realistic look. The wig cap also protects your hair from environmental damage and prevents drying out under the wig.

It will retain moisture and essential oils and keep your hair healthy under the wig.
Wig caps are generally small caps made from a type of nylon similar to that found in pantyhose, though they can be made from different materials and in different colors.

How do Stocking Wig Caps Work?

Stocking wig caps work by protecting hair from any kind of friction, breakage, or damage.

They help reduce itchiness and can be especially beneficial to those with a sensitive scalp. The cap absorbs sweat to keep your head cool, allowing you to mask any signs of hair loss.

Stocking wig caps hold the hair in place, keeping the hair flat and together so that no bumps change the wig’s shape. It also prevents the hair from breaking when the wig rubs against the hair.

Features To Look For In Stocking Wig Caps


There is a wide range of available colors that you can choose from according to your personal preferences. Stocking wig caps can come in Black, Brown, Coffee, Grey, Beige, White, Gold, Red, Pink, Bronze, Khaki, and Multicolor.


Just like color, you can pick your stocking wig cap from different high-quality materials, including Synthetic, Fabric, Lace, Elastane, Silk, Plastic, Knitted, Leather, Mesh, Metal, Silicone, and Vinyl.


A wideband is key to keeping your wig in place; it should make you feel wearing a wig is comfortable. Always pick a wig cap with a wideband because these ones hold their places firmly without being tough on your skin or scalp.

Common Questions About Stocking Wig Caps

Why do you wear a stocking cap under a wig?

Stocking caps protect your hair under wigs and keep it flat so that the wig does not look bulky, but they can cause breakage or dryness along the hairline. Slide the stocking cap behind the ear to prevent damage to your edges.

Are wig caps really necessary?

Totally. It is necessary as it adds friction to your wig and prevents it from sliding down. It also holds all your natural hair together. Additionally, stocking wig caps act as a barrier between your scalp and the wig and help reduce scalp irritations.

Is a wig cap the same as a stocking cap?

A wig cap covers the hair, much like a small stocking cap, to keep it controlled and to provide a smooth surface on which the wig can rest.

Can you sleep with a wig cap on?

No, sleeping with a wig cap can cause irritation to your scalp and should be avoided. You can also get sweaty and develop buildup in your wig cap.

Can you wear a wig every day?

It is not a bad thing to wear a wig every day if you take proper care of your natural hair and scalp. Your hair and skin cells will grow regardless of whether or not you cover them with a wig or accessories like hats and scarves.

Do wig caps cause hair loss?

While many people believe that wearing wigs or hats causes baldness, this is actually a myth! Wearing clean hats and wigs will not damage hair follicles as long as they are not too tight.

If the hat or wig is too tight, it can result in traction alopecia. It can be damaging to the hair if not used properly. Although wig caps protect your natural hair under the wig, they can cause dryness along the hairline.

How To Put On Stocking Wig Caps Video Tutorial

If you’re wondering how to put a wig cap, use the same technique as you would with a wig. The video below will walk you through the exact process of putting your stocking wig cap the right way so that you can rock your wig right away.

Products Mentioned In This Article

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  2. MainBasics Adjustable Velvet Wig Grip Band
  3. Milano Collection Wig Caps for Women
  4. Lace Wig Grip Cap Stocking Dome Cap
  5. DREAM Deluxe Wig Cap

Enjoy Your New Stocking Wig Caps

Now that you’ve learned about some of the best stocking wig caps currently on the market, you can choose wisely and see what’s best for your specific hair needs.

Do not wait any longer to rock your favorite wig style, but do it responsibly by protecting your scalp and wearing your favorite wig caps first.

Remember to reach out if you have any questions or comments. We are always here for you.

Disclosure: The Hair Products recommended in this article are our top favorites because they have a great combination of quality, features, and affordability. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through the links as a way to support this site. If you buy a qualifying product, you’re not charged anything extra, but I’ll get a small commission to help pay for my expenses. I hope you find our advice helpful and discover the Best Hair Products for your needs on this list.

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Photo of author
After graduating from an apprenticeship program in 2010, color specialist Doris began working behind the chair. She started with color corrections and then moved on to creative color. Currently, she works with blonding and grey-blending clients. Sarah views hair color as both an art form and a science and is passionate about salon education, which is the main reason why she started this blog. She has the Invisible Bead Extension Certification and the Bellami Master Certification for extensions.