Best Infrared Hair Straightener (Top 5 Rated and Buying Guide)

If you’re on the hunt for some new heat tools to help you achieve a hot hairstyle, you are in the right place. High-quality hair straighteners come with various features, including a heat protection pad, and auto-shutoff options to ensure stress-free styling.

If you’ve ever owned a flat iron, you have probably come across the infrared flat iron. And if you haven’t today is your lucky day, as we’ll be sharing with you everything you need to know about the best infrared hair straightener.

Straightening your hair with a flat iron can help make it look super-smooth it’s no wonder it’s the go-to heat tool of so many women. Is no secret that straight hair has been a beloved look, therefore you need a quality infrared flat iron hair straightener, or in other words a product that you can trust your mane with.

When it comes to flat irons, you certainly have a wide range of different sizes, colors, technology, etc. But if you really want to get what you paid for, think of an infrared flat iron hair straightener as the Ferrari of all flat irons.

In addition to reducing heat damage, an infrared flat iron also cuts down the straightening time. Infrared iron heats the hair inside out unlike other flat irons.

This prevents the outer cuticle of hair that is prone to damage and heat settings.
As you can tell, an infrared flat iron is a great investment for anyone who straightens their hair regularly.

These popular tools have a versatile ergonomic design and use advanced plate technology. And when it comes to your hair, the type of tool you use definitely matters.

The search for a good quality infrared flat iron can be a daunting one. If you find it too difficult to choose among the sea of options in the market, continue reading and check out our top recommendations on the best infrared hair straightener which you can use with a straightening oil, where to find them, how to use them, tips from users, and more.

Best Infrared Hair Straightener Reviewed In This Guide

How To Choose The Perfect Best Infrared Hair Straightener For You?

Infrared flat irons have titanium or ceramic plates. The type of flat iron plate that you select should align with your hair’s texture and density; so you want to consider the length and thickness of your hair.

Infrared irons have multiple benefits, including a reduced risk for heat damage, stimulation of hair growth, blood flow to the scalp, and non-static and non-stick, which is essential when you are trying not to damage sections of your hair.

The right tool will also be easier to maneuver, and style your hair more efficiently, and decrease the risk of overheating and damaging hair.

Look for an infrared flat iron with adjustable heat settings and a minimum that goes below 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Thick and textured hair needs adjustable heat settings that go up to the 400-degree range to ensure that the hair responds to the iron.

When selecting an infrared hair straightener, you should aim to choose an iron that is best suited for your hair’s length and thickness. Infrared plates most commonly have one-inch plates, but for women who have coarse or thick hair, a 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide plate might be most beneficial.

High heat can easily damage your mane, so look for variable heat settings. When heat is involved, there’s always the risk of damaging strands. However, thanks to modern tech, there are tools that can help keep damage to a minimum.

Choosing the best infrared flat iron for you will not only be down to your hair type but also understanding all the features and extras each model comes with. Whether you are going for a meeting or getting ready for a date night, you will need an infrared flat iron that can help you style your hair for the occasion.

Infrared Hair Straightener Types

Ceramic Best Infrared Hair Straightener

Ceramic irons heat up evenly and lack “cool spots” that other irons often have, which means that you’ll achieve a more even straightening job. For this reason, ceramic irons are also known for keeping frizz at bay and smoothing out the hair, especially for fine, thin strands.

Ceramic plate flat irons work exceptionally well for people who have thick hair and are very popular for women in the natural hair community with thick type 4b and 4b hair, women with thin hair may like to use a ceramic iron as long as it is thinner in diameter.

Ceramic infrared flat irons are popular because they distribute heat evenly, heat rapidly, and are less likely to leave your hair smoking.

Titanium Best Infrared Hair Straightener

Titanium irons are known for heating up quickly and staying hot consistently during use. This is because titanium produces 60% more negative ions than ceramic irons. The ionic charge in the best chi flat iron helps to smooth hair and prevent frizz from forming during the straightening process.

Due to its ability to maintain high heat for a long period of time, a titanium iron would be a good option for someone with thick, coarse hair. It’s also often used in professional salons.

Titanium infrared plates are fantastic for naturalists who have thick or coarse hair. They are lighter in weight and are a fan favorite because they conduct heat more efficiently than that ceramic plates. They leave hair looking and feeling smooth.

Tourmaline Best Infrared Hair Straightener

Tourmaline makes it possible to straighten hair with less heat than ceramic and titanium irons because of its high negative ion count. Tourmaline differs from ceramic and titanium irons because it can continuously produce negative ions, instead of simply creating them when turned on.

The best chi flat iron helps give greater control and results, but with less heat. Having to use less heat on the hair means less damage, in the long run, making it a good choice for both thick, curly hair and fine, straighter textures.

It’s also the newest material being used in heat styling. Because of this, tourmaline straighteners can sometimes be pricier than their older competitors.

Ceramic irons with tourmaline-infused plates produce negative ions that coat your hair and condition it, helping to seal it in hydration and reduce the risk of frizz.

Best Infrared Hair Straightener List

1. IBROO Ceramic Infrared, Flat Iron Curling Iron in One

What We Like

  • Infrared
  • All Hair Types
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

What We Don’t Like

  • Confusing Control Buttons

The Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared flat iron tames frizzy hair minus the damage, leaving hair shiny and smooth. Its 2-inch wide, ceramic tourmaline floating plates glide through even the coarsest hair for glossy results.

It is extra wide, with 2-inch bottom floating plates plus upper dual-plate technology to maintain even heating for quick styling. With a heat-resistant travel case and dual voltage plug, you can maintain your style on the go.

What Our Testers Say

It has all the features that will make your life a little easier. With its 90-second rapid heat technology, you’ll be hair-ready in an instant.

An extra-long 8-foot cord that won’t trip you up, 60-minute auto shut-off for peace of mind (no more mid-meeting panicked thoughts), and a heat-resistant travel case that lets you take the flat iron wherever you go.

Designed with 90-second rapid heat-up technology, a 60-minute auto shut-off function, and an 8-foot long 360-degree swivel cord for tangle-free straightening. Enable the lock feature by double-clicking the power button.

The infrared flat iron hair straightener has 10 temperature settings on an LCD digital display ranging from 265°F to 445°F.


The button placement is very similar to the Remington flat iron. When the iron is powered on, quickly press the power button 2 times and a small lock icon will appear on the digital indicator under the Fahrenheit symbol.

When the lock icon is visible you cannot change the temp or turn it off by accidentally pressing the buttons. To unlock, quickly press the power button 2 times again and the lock icon will disappear.

2. DORISILK Professional Ceramic Tourmaline 2 Inch Wide Infrared Hair Straightener

What We Like

  • Ceramic
  • 2″ wide plate
  • Infrared

What We Don’t Like

  • It Heats Up More On the Out

Infrared heat is highly efficient, fast-acting, non-toxic, and non-allergic for quickly intelligent restore hair health. Negative ion balances moisture to make hair get better protection and cultivation.

MCH heater with 2” wide plate, 30 seconds quickly hot, which get the job done faster with just 1-2 passes and more effective straightening or curling than the average flat iron.

What Our Testers Say

I’m not one to write many reviews, however, this flat iron is by far the best I’ve ever owned and I wanted to provide some context behind my rating. I purchased this to replace my Chi, which was no longer working (only one side of the iron would heat). I knew I didn’t want to spend $100+ on another flat iron, so I looked around for one with good reviews at a better price.

I’m glad I bought it and highly recommend it to anyone who uses flat irons on a daily basis. This made my hair so smooth and straight. The plates heated evenly and very quickly, so I didn’t have to wait for them to heat up.

The iron itself is smooth and of high quality. I didn’t feel like my hair was burning. I’ve tried many flat irons over the years and this is by far the best.

Features 3D floating dual plate with tourmaline ceramic coating, providing an amazingly shiny and healthy finisher, reducing hair loss and damage.

The infrared flat iron also comes with LCD Digital temperature control and offers 11 heat settings from 250 – 450℉ in increments of 50℉ that can meet your different needs, from fragile to coarse hair types.


Make sure you are using the adequate temperature set for your type of hair, this Iron can be very strong and actually can burn your hair if you go over the right temperature or don’t use it properly.

3. HTG Professional Flat Iron Best Infrared Hair Straightener

What We Like

  • Ceramic Tourmaline Plates
  • LCD Display
  • Dual Voltage
  • All Hair Types

What We Don’t Like

  • Two Hot Settings Only

The infrared flat iron offers a professional negative ionic generating system with millions of ions, make hair shiny, less damage to hair keratin and eliminate frizz from high temperature, and protects your hair

Ionic flat irons that have been combined with other styling materials such as tourmaline or ceramic can prove to be extremely beneficial to your hair, plus the results are obtained faster.

You can count on conserving the health of your hair when you used a combined ionic flat iron, especially if it includes Nanosilver technology because you can style your hair in a bacteria-free environment.

Glide through hair without pulling and tugging, reducing breakage and damage to hair. The plates heat up fast and distribute heat evenly, saving more time when styling. Tourmaline can emits negative ions and reduces the formation of static electricity.

What Our Testers Say

This flat iron is fantastic!! I have coarse, really curly, really frizzy hair and I can’t even tell you how many products and flat irons I have tried! This one I literally only need one pass and my hair is stick straight and smooth and shiny! I love this iron!

It also can release far infrared and help heat quickly and evenly distribute to reduce heat damage to hair. The 3D flexible heating plate helps adjust the angle to avoid snagging or pinching hair and glide smoothly through the hair.


I spray a heat protectant then I start smoothing out my hair. When I get to the ends, I flip them inward. After I’m done (which can take up to 2 hours, as I have super thick hair and am meticulous) I spray some hairspray just to ensure the styling stays.

4. IG INGLAM 1″ Flat Iron for Hair, Infrared Hair Straightener 2 in 1

What We Like

  • Negative Ions
  • Ceramic Tourmaline Titanium
  • Dual Voltage for Travel

What We Don’t Like

  • Might Pull Hair

The 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler featured a rounded and sleek shape that helps to temper and wrap the hair to meet your different needs, allowing you to change various hairstyles every day and saving money on buying another curling iron.

This styling tool has a 60-min auto shut-off function which can enhance your safety. It heats up instantly in only 30 seconds and controls the temperature thermostatically to get your hair straight or curly in a snap, saving time and reducing moisture loss.

What Our Testers Say

This flat iron/curling iron is awesome! I originally bought it for my daughter but I stole it for myself because it’s awesome!!!! This straightening iron is very unique because it can straighten and smooth your hair or Curl it!! FABULOUS!!!

It is extremely easy to use to straighten or curl and get whatever look you would like! It is a very well-made product and looks super cute in these colors. It has wonderful settings that control The temperature of the straightener and also has a lock feature to use if needed.

This tool is fantastic for traveling and easy to just throw in a bag or suitcase! Your hair will thank you if you use this product! My daughter and I both absolutely love it and highly recommend it for anyone that needs an awesome hair tool to straighten and curl! WE LOVE THIS TOOL!!!!

This infrared flat iron hair straightener is equipped with an anion outlet that emits millions of negative ions to seal moisture in your hair.
Ceramic tourmaline and infrared plates can activate water molecules to repair hair scales, providing frictionless gliding and making hair soft and shiny.

This flat iron with 11 adjustable temperatures(250℉ – 450℉) displayed on the LED screen can work on all hair types and textures. You can choose the optimum temperature to suit your hair directly.


Heat up super quick in seconds, you don’t need to pass it many times on your hair to get it done.

5. CROC Masters Best Infrared Hair Straightener

What We Like

  • Titanium Plates
  • Fully Digital
  • Reduces Frizz

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Considered among the best infrared hair straightener options, this Croc flat iron features titanium plates, an ingenious ventilation system, and an ergonomic thumb design that is elementary to use and glides effortlessly over all hair types.

The innovative technology allows moisture to be maintained while the negative ions seal the hair’s cuticle, bringing a gorgeous sheen.

What Our Testers Say

I have thick, somewhat coarse hair that is slightly wavy. This straightener did a great job quickly straightening my hair with one pass. I used it at 370 degrees and straightened 1-2 inch strands.

If you follow the instructions, you should get very good results. I noticed this iron does not leave my hair as dry or damaged as my previous iron did. Great value.

The completely computerized temperature settings allow you to be entirely in control, mending your hair while you style without static in sight. Temperature settings that reach 208F-450F for professional results

This flat iron features advanced technology to protect your hair and even stimulate hair growth in coarse or color-treated hair.
With this flat iron, you can be guaranteed your hair is in the best hands and won’t suffer from damage as you style to your heart’s delight.


Create sections so you can easily track your progress, split the hair in the middle at the back, and then bring it forward. This will give you two sections to work with, but if your hair is thick, you may consider clipping it into four parts.

Best Infrared Hair Straightener Buying Guide

What Is A Best Infrared Hair Straightener?

A flat iron temporarily straightens the hair by applying heat to the hair shaft. The straightener is guided from the scalp to the ends of the hair in order to straighten the hair. The process is repeated until the straightener has been used on all sections of the hair.

Straighteners are their own category of styling tools, and flat iron is actually just a type of straightener. Flat irons, hot combs, and hot brushes all fall under the category of straighteners. These heat styling tools are popular for making your life a thousand times easier when you want a smooth mane.

This technology reduces hair damage because it uses a gentler form of heat to penetrate the hair, and it uses negative ions to lock in moisture.

How Does A Best Infrared Hair Straightener Work?

Flat irons in general, work by breaking down the positive hydrogen bonds found in the hair’s cortex, which causes hair to open, bend and become curly.

Infrared is a light wavelength that penetrates deeper into the hair shaft, heating the hair evenly and safely from the inside out. The newly upgraded infrared ray technology helps maintain moisture balance, seal the cuticle and give a natural shine to your hair.

Unlike traditional flat irons, infrared flat irons supply even and consistent heat to straighten the hair without producing static.

Features To Look For In A Best Infrared Hair Straightener


Your hair texture will determine which temperatures you need to use to achieve your desired look. For thin and fine hair, lower heat options are a necessity. Look for a flat iron with adjustable heat settings and a minimum that goes below 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Thick and textured hair needs adjustable heat settings that go up to the 400-degree range to ensure that the hair responds to the iron.

Plate Size

Your hair thickness and length will determine the plate size you should look for. For really short hair, you’ll want to look for a narrower plate that measures around half an inch. For thick, curly, or long hair, it’s best to look for wider plates that measure around 1-1 1/2 inches.

It’s good to keep in mind, though, that a narrower plate makes it easier to get to hard-to-reach spots. If you’re willing to splurge a bit, consider purchasing a travel-sized iron to have on hand to tackle those spots.


Infrared flat irons with titanium plates conduct heat effectively and heat up in no time. They are suitable for those with thick or coarse hair. Infrared irons with ceramic plates also heat up quickly and supply even or consistent heating to straighten any kind of hair. They also prevent frizz and static.


A nine-foot-long swivel cord and way lesser electricity consumption make these flat irons more energy efficient. The best part about an infrared hair straightener is that the super long cord enables hair straightening from all over. Many consumers claimed that their infrared hair straightener lasted for years.

It does depend on the usage, though. If you take care of the hairstyling iron, it will take care of your hair for years to come. Infrared hair straighteners with long cords that offer 360-degree rotation provide flexibility of use.


Look for a device with an auto-shutoff feature to prevent overheating and scalding.

Dual Voltage Capacity

If you are a frequent overseas traveler. Then check if your iron has dual voltage capacity. 110V and 220V are the two options for dual voltage. This will let you use it at home and also abroad.

Grip And Weight

Most people pay attention to the features and forget about ergonomics completely. If you invest in a product that is heavy and uncomfortable to hold, then you will end up hating it. So easy every day, we recommend going for a lightweight and easy-to-handle model.


Flat irons with beveled edges give you more styling versatility. You can create curls, waves, or flip your hair in addition to straightening with such hair straighteners.

Common Questions About Best Infrared Hair Straightener

Are infrared hair straighteners better?

Infrared hair straighteners are better than conventional hair straighteners due to the difference in heat they supply to straighten the hair. Infrared heat releases negative ions to straighten the hair. These negative ions help preserve the natural hair oils to prevent the hair from getting damaged or frizzy.

These devices use ceramic or titanium plates that offer even heat distribution to straighten your hair and eliminate the need to use it over and over again on the same section of hair.

Is infrared heat safe for hair?

Because infrared saunas use infrared light to heat your body instead of dry heat this is less damaging to your hair. In fact, the benefits of using an infrared sauna may actually help to promote healthier hair.

Plus, it is 100% safe and natural. When InfraRed is used in a hair tool, electromagnetic waves enter deep into the cortex whilst the heat from the plates works on the outside of the hair to close the cuticle. This means you’re able to straighten faster, using less heat, which minimizes damage to the hair.

Can you use an infrared straightener on wet hair?

No, flat irons are not designed to dry your hair, but rather to straighten it using heat. Wet or damp hair is more susceptible to damage as it is fragile. Hence, dry your hair completely before using any straightening device to prevent frizz and heat damage. Also, dry hair holds styling for an extended time.

How to safely use an infrared straightener?

  1. Use A Heat Protectant Spray: Before straightening your hair, apply a heat protectant to your strands to prevent damage caused due to heat. These sprays act as a shield to protect your hair.
  2. Check The Temperature Setting: No matter how coarse your strands are, do not use your infrared straightener at the maximum temperature. For normal hair, the ideal temperature should be between 360 to 380 degrees. If you have coarse or thick hair, you can increase the temperature a little bit.
  3. Detangle Your Hair: Always detangle your hair before using a hair straightener as it aligns the strands properly for easy straightening.
  4. Divide Your Hair Into Sections: Before using an infrared straightener, divide your hair into sections to make straightening easy.
  5. Dry Your Hair: Do not straighten your strands right after washing or when they are wet. Let your hair dry completely before you straighten it to prevent heat damage and frizz.

Enjoy Your New Best Infrared Hair Straightener

Now that you know about the best infrared hair straightener, you can decide what’s best for your hair. We hope this guide was helpful in your journey about these fantastic styling tools.

Your choice of hair straighteners will vary depending on a variety of factors, including your hair length, texture, and thickness. Infrared straighteners are popular because this technology allows you to straighten your hair in one to two passes without damaging your hair.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to hear what you have to say.

Disclosure: The Hair Products recommended in this article are our top favorites because they have a great combination of quality, features, and affordability. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through the links as a way to support this site. If you buy a qualifying product, you’re not charged anything extra, but I’ll get a small commission to help pay for my expenses. I hope you find our advice helpful and discover the Best Hair Products for your needs on this list.


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Photo of author
After graduating from an apprenticeship program in 2010, color specialist Doris began working behind the chair. She started with color corrections and then moved on to creative color. Currently, she works with blonding and grey-blending clients. Sarah views hair color as both an art form and a science and is passionate about salon education, which is the main reason why she started this blog. She has the Invisible Bead Extension Certification and the Bellami Master Certification for extensions.