5 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye (2023 Reviews and Buyers Guide)

Feeling like channeling your wild side this summer? Then changing your hair to a strawberry blonde hair color might be just what you need. That said, even though you may think strawberry blonde is too out there for you.

You’ll be glad to know that the strawberry blonde hair dye has more than one shade that pretty much looks fantastic on anybody. As a result today we’ll be telling all about the best strawberry blonde hair dye options around.

If a light strawberry blonde hair dye is just too much of a change for you, you can always choose a dark strawberry blonde hair dye; and if you choose to do a strawberry blonde hair dye at home, you can always opt for a strawberry blonde semi-permanent hair dye or a temporary strawberry blonde hair dye.

So if you are done with your current hair color and overall style, choosing a strawberry blonde hair dye might be the thing you need. Hair coloring is among the most essential acts we can do to improve and feel physically great about ourselves. The reasons for coloring your hair are many.

And whatever your reason might be choosing a strawberry blonde hair dye, is the way to go because it makes your tresses have greater shine and sheen, adding shimmering texture and dimension. You’ll look completely different but in the best of ways.

Whether you’ve dyed your hair a bright color before or you’re new to the process, there are a few things to keep in mind when opting for a strawberry blonde hair dye.

To help guide your hair color journey, we’ve narrowed down the best strawberry blonde hair dye options that the market has to offer. We’ll additionally be sharing with you, where to find them, tips, and much more.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye Reviewed In This Guide

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How To Choose The Perfect Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye For You?

The strawberry blonde hair dye is undeniably gorgeous, but is it the right hair color for you? Like with any big hair color change, there are a few things to consider before you head to the salon.

It works with cool, warm, and neutral undertones. Some colors won’t look good on certain undertones, but strawberry shades of blonde are an exception. Because this color blends warm golden blonde with cooler pinkish-red tones, it can work for any undertone.

Keep your skin undertone in mind as you hunt for the right shade, though. Warmer undertones should aim for a warmer copper or golden blonde-heavy hue.

In addition to your skin, you also need to keep maintenance in mind. If you’re going to be lifting your hair from a dark natural or dyed color, it’s going to be damaged a bit from the bleach.

In addition to the bleach, you’ll need a toner on top to get that pinkish-red tint on the blonde. If you don’t want to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks for root touch-ups, consider opting for an ombre, shadow root, or balayage, so the color starts lower down.

You also need to be aware that any red shade is going to fade out much faster than other hair colors. It’s frustrating, but that’s the way it is. Once the reddish tint begins to fade, you’ll be left with a color that’s more blonde than berry.

You’ll either need to book more frequent salon visits to redeposit red tones, use a specially formulated shampoo, or come to terms with the golden blonde color it will inevitably fade to.

The red color on the head washes out very easily. After a few washes, it is not the same hue you have chosen. Solution? Go darker than you originally planned. That is how, with a few washes, you get the hair color you wished for.

Types Of Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

Brownish Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

One of the popular hues of strawberry blonde hair color chart is this lovely brownish one. It is soft and great for those who are still transitioning from their natural hair color to strawberry and red hues.

Golden Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

Golden undertones make your hair shine like a bar of real gold. Strawberry blonde with golden hues will turn many heads toward you. This merged color looks vibrant and it will make your hair visually more voluminous.

Champagne Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

Strawberry blonde balayage is worth trying. While the roots are dyed a deep brown, the rest of the hair consists of a honey and strawberry blonde blend.

Copper Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

This is an excellent example of how red, copper, and strawberry blonde work together. Waves would be a perfect addition that is great for summer and beach parties.

Ombre Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

Two wonderfully blended shades on their hair can only look gorgeous. Dark red roots melt into lighter strawberry blonde, all the way down to blonde hair ends.

Pink Undernote Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

One of the shades of strawberry blonde hair chart is a pink one. Combining pink with honey blonde and brown hues is something you need to try. Even though you think “pink hair, that is not for me,” you need to trust us on this one. This blend looks fantastic.

Auburn Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

Auburn is one of those dramatic, gorgeous hair colors that suit all women with fair skin tones. Balayage with auburn strawberry blonde hues is worth trying. The more shades – the more voluminous your hair will look.

Soft Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

For all of you who would like to try pink hair, this is one of the shades that are on our strawberry blonde hair color chart. It is a very light, almost pastel shade of strawberry blonde that is one of a kind. Try it alone, or combine it with other darker hues for a gorgeous ombre.

Peachy Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

One of the popular strawberry blonde choices is one with peachy undertones. This shade is excellent for women with fair and golden skin tones. It works well with blue and green eyes as well.

Light Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

This light strawberry blonde is perfect when you want a chic hairstyle upgrade. It is not blonde, or red. Pastel vibes and strawberry hues require bleaching your hair, but the results will be fantastic.

Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye List

1. Colorsilk Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

What We Like

  • Long-Lasting
  • High-Definition Color
  • Shine & Silky
  • 100% Gray Coverage
  • Ammonia-Free

What We Don’t Like

  • May Cause Allergy

Convenient hair color kit for at-home use co-developed with salon experts for long-lasting results.

This light strawberry blonde hair dye is a nourishing, ammonia-free hair color formula that is infused with Keratin and Silk Amino Acid to leave hair in better condition than before you colored it.

Revlon’s 3D Color Gel Technology delivers rich, natural-looking, multidimensional color with a shine that lasts.
It is a new, no-mess, non-drip formula and precision applicator for easy-to-use at-home color application from root to tip.

The gentle, fade-defying formula for optimal color blending. Leaves hair in better condition than before coloring. Formulated without adding Ammonia. Highly nourishes hair after color application providing shine, care, and frizz control.

What Our Testers Say

I’ve found my new favorite hair color! My natural hair color is a dirty blonde and the rest of my hair is a light blond from bleaching. I applied 2 boxes, and let it sit for 25 min, and now I have a beautiful cool toned, with a hint of purple in my hair. I 100% recommend this color! It’s so unique

How To Use Colorsilk Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

  1. Pour Ammonia-free Colorant into the Cream Developer bottle. Shake hard until the mixture is completely blended.
  2. Part hair into 4 equal sections. Apply the mixture to the root area at each parting. Don’t rub into the scalp.
  3. Leave the mixture on the hair for 25 minutes total. For resistant gray hair, level on for extra 5 minutes.
  4. Add a little warm water to the hair and gently massage the color mixture through the hair. Rinse hair completely.

2. Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

What We Like

  • 100% Gray Coverage
  • Blend Of 3 Tones
  • Easy To Use

What We Don’t Like

  • It Fades Quickly

Clairol Nice n’ Easy permanent hair dye with a blend of 3 tones and highlights is a non-drip color cream designed for superior natural-looking color.

From this strawberry blonde hair dye, you can expect long-lasting hair dye that maintains color and shine for 8 weeks and comes in 50 shades with a fresh, floral scent.

It is gentle on hair and scalp providing 100% gray coverage. Discover our first permanent color that helps block damage. Includes conditioners at every step and contains our breakthrough and revolutionary dye molecule ME+ that reduces the risk of an allergic reaction.

What Our Testers Say

I was looking to add some warmth to my hair for the summer. Before I dyed it, my hair was light brown with blonde highlights. 8SC Medium Copper Blonde made my hair a beautiful strawberry blonde, which is what I was going for.

Nice n’ Easy gives you real, natural-looking tones while being kind to your hair. ME+ is a revolutionary hair dye molecule that better protects people without hair dye allergies by reducing the chance of developing one.

If you have a known hair dye allergy, do not use this product unless approved by your dermatologist.


Coarse hair generally takes more time to color than fine hair. Hair that’s dry or permed may absorb color quickly, too. Do a strand test before coloring your whole head to ensure you have the timing down.

3. eSalon Personal Colorist Kit

What We Like

  • NON-GMO Cruelty-Free
  • 100% Natural Hair Color
  • For Wavy Hair
  • Paraben-Free

What We Don’t Like

  • Powder Form

Quinoa & Jojoba Esters are key ingredients that help to lock in color. Aloe Vera: Leaves hair supple with a natural shine. Keratin: Fortifies to help increase the strength of hair. Silk Amino Acid: Helps prevent moisture loss and boosts softness.

This strawberry blonde hair dye offers a 100% natural hair color with long-lasting gray coverage. Henna: Moisturizes and forms a protective layer on each hair strand.

Alma: An Indian fruit rich in Vitamin C Shikakai: Native to India, the word means “fruit for the hair” and is a superior cleanser that supports hair growth.

Terminalia Belerica: Functions as an astringent and bactericide. Indigo: Known for its coloring properties. Acacia Concinna: Rich in tannins, helps fix the color.

What Our Testers Say

My hair is medium brown to brown and this box actually managed to LIGHTEN it to a copper. It’s been 7 head&shoulder showers later and barely any fade. VERY professional kit and it’s gonna run the salons out of business! My hair has no signs of damage brought onto it and even though they include dye remover, I had no problems with dye on my skin or on any surface in my bathroom! My hair length needed 2 boxes but the bottle they provide is more than the amount the Revlon boxes will give you. Extremely impressed!!!!

It does NOT contain Peroxide, Ammonia, Heavy Metals, Parabens, PPD, Resorcinol, or other ingredients which may cause harm to the health or to the environment.

This gel-based hair color formula offers, up to 100% gray coverage, it is crafted for all hair types, with multi-dimensional results, 0% Ammonia, certified cruelty-free.


For best results, select a color that is only two shades darker or lighter than your current hair color.

4. AGEbeautiful Permanent Liqui Creme Hair Color Dye

What We Like

  • Semi-Permanent Hair Dye & Deep Conditioner
  • Enhance & Deepen Natural or Color
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • No Gray Coverage

Boost Your Color; Gloss+ will enhance and deepen your natural hair color or color-treated hair to give you that fresh out-of-the-salon feel; Strawberry’s gold and copper tones give natural redheads more vibrance.

You can use this strawberry blonde semi-permanent hair dye, whenever; leave it on for minutes and see the results. No mixing is required. It has never been this easy to get so many compliments on your look. It’s a color boost with a crazy, healthy shine.

This ammonia-free, semi-permanent hair color wraps around your hair rather than penetrating your cuticles. Use as much as you’d like without causing damage to your hair’s health.

What Our Testers Say

Absolutely love this wonderful liquid gold! As a natural redhead I was devastated when my hair began to fade as I’ve gotten older but this allows me to have more of the natural red I had in my 20s. I only put in underneath for now but I love the color!

You can condition while you color; Gloss+ not only gives you semi-permanent hair color, but also deep conditions to make your hair soft, shiny, and manageable. No Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, or Gluten.

All shades can be mixed with Sheer to dilute; Mix with other pigmented Gloss products to create your ideal Gloss+ hair color. Everyone deserves this color-boosting goodness; animal-friendly and vegan.


Helpful tip if you stain your sink or bathtub when rinsing this out, baking soda and Clorox will remove it.

5. Rainbow Henna Hair Color and Conditioner Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

  • Tricky To Use

Nature’s Own Hair Color and Conditioner. 4 Ounce. Henna-Persian Strawberry gently coats the hair shaft with 100% organic color while it conditions, covers gray, and enhances shine, body, and texture.

Rainbow Henna is the dried, powdered leaves of small shrubs native to Iran, West Asia, and North Africa called Lawsonia. The leaves are picked, dried, and pulverized to a fine powder.

The type of climate and richness of the soil where the shrubs are grown, greatly affect the quality of the henna. The finest grade Henna powder comes from Persia.

Because Henna is a vegetable product, it is a natural base for hair coloring and cosmetic use. It is an alternative to chemical tints which are controversial to health considerations.

What Our Testers Say

My natural red hair was always my best feature. As I got older and the grays arrived, they looked drab. I missed my red color. I did a lot of research (if you’re reading this, I’m sure you know what I mean), and decided to go for this strawberry blonde color from Rainbow Research Henna, which is pretty close to my natural color used to.

It’s kind of bright at first, but it mellows to a more natural-looking color as it oxidizes. Heat, like blow drying, helps this process.

How To Use Rainbow Henna Hair Color and Conditioner Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

  1. Always use fresh Henna, and once mixed, use immediately. In a plastic or glass bowl, mix one cupful of Rainbow Persian Henna Coloring with one 8oz.
  2. Measuring cupful of hot water. Blend thoroughly to a creamy oatmeal consistency. If the mixture thickens during the application, a little more hot water may be added.
  3. Rainbow Henna colors may be applied every 6 to 8 weeks. Because the color blends so naturally and fades gradually, there is never an embarrassing noticeable regrowth area.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye Buying Guide

What Is A Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye?

In general, hair dyes are chemicals that are used to change hair color, therefore a rose gold hair dye, if properly done, chemicals in the dye will change the structure of the individual strands of hair in order to let the new color take hold.

Strawberry blonde is the lightest shade of red hair. Other tones in this color group include mahogany, copper, and an Irish red.

When somebody says they have strawberry blonde hair, they’re stating their shade of red. Blondes might do the same by stating they have ice-blonde hair, for example.

How Does A Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye Works?

Hair coloring works by coating each strand with color (non-permanent color) or by penetrating each hair cuticle, entering the hair cortex, and bonding with the hair (permanent color).

While non-permanent hair color can be shampooed out eventually, permanent color, as the name suggests, permanently colors the hair. Basically, this reddish blonde with golden undertones, from the red hair family is a perfect blend of pale red or pink and warm, golden blonde shades.

It’s a toned blonde that redheads enjoy flirting with to add a bit of shimmering depth or lighten their natural color. And it also looks incredible when blended with other complementary hair color ideas like blonde and auburn to create ombre, balayage, and even subtle pink highlights.

Wear it long or short, with wavy hair, sleek poker straight or curly-haired styles, this hue rocks them all.

Features To Look For In A Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

Perfect Shade/Skin Tone

This is a warm blonde color with a golden-reddish blonde tint. If you have fair skin, blue or green eyes, and freckles, it’ll look awesome on you. That’s not to say cooler tones can’t carry it off. Here you’ll need to pick a deeper, cooler hue like ashy rose gold to make it shine.

Cool Undertones:

  • You have a fair skin tone and a complexion that’s pink or pale.
  • You will blush really easily
  • Jewel tones and pastel colors look great on you.
  • Yellow is a color that you’d never wear as it washes you out.
  • You have blue veins and not green veins in your wrist.
  • Pearls and silver jewelry are very flattering on you.

Warm Undertones:

  • You have red or golden shades in your natural hair color.
  • Your skin tone and complexion are golden, tan, or olive.
  • You might have and used to have freckles.
  • You have a green color not blue color veins in your wrist.
  • You suit wearing bright colors or richer shades better.
  • Gold jewelry looks awesome on you.

Hair Color/Hair Base

Strawberry blonde can be a blend of red and blonde. There are many variations of strawberry blonde. One can appear to look more copper and others can appear pinker.

But strawberry blonde is definitely a warm-toned blonde. Since strawberry blonde is a light shade, it is essential to determine your natural hair shade.

If your natural shade is black or brown, the process gets more complicated. You will need to bleach your hair, so make sure you know how to do that. Otherwise, leave it to the professionals.


Always look for products that do not contain ammonia, parabens, and other harsh chemicals because they can further damage my hair and aren’t gentle on the hair and scalp.

Look for copper hair dye that has the least amount of chemicals and additional nasties in it. Admittedly, there will be a certain amount of chemicals in your hair dye, as they are what enable the dye to penetrate your cuticle and color your hair cortex.

Ease of Use

The very first and most important factor that determines a quality hair dye product is how easy or complicated it is to use. Coloring your hair shouldn’t feel like forever. The simpler, faster, the better.


Some women tend to use bleach for making the color more prominent. If you have lightened your hair, the color will take a purer shade. Although a lot of brands advise against it, some specifically instruct you to do so.


Is your product cream-based or you can directly apply it? According to the instruction manual, you may need to mix and then apply the dye to your hair. There are some that come housed in a tube for direct application.

Strawberry blonde is a tricky color to achieve. A lot of hair dyes will claim to be strawberry blonde, but they usually end up looking more like red or orange.

The trick is to find a hair dye that has just the right balance of red and blonde tones like the ones we recommend above.


The shine and softness that the hair dye leaves your hair with. There are dyes that are going to make your hair dryer than you can think, along with taking away the shine. So, whether the hair dye maintains the softness becomes a critical feature.

If the chosen hair dye makes your hair soft or rough, as so many hair colors tend to take the moisture out of the hair, leaving it rough; this is vital to make your final choice.


  • When you try a new dye, you want to watch and see how long the dye stays on your hair before it begins to fade.
  • You also need to evaluate the lasting impact of the hair dye, this is a critical aspect on which you need to judge the hair dye. If it is not last enough, it is a total waste of your investment, both your money and time.
  • Ideally, permanent rose gold hair dye would stay just as vibrant as it was the day you colored it, at least until the roots grow. On most heads of hair, that would mean a good 6-8 weeks between touch-ups.
  • You may also just want a product that will be super easy to wash away and won’t stick with you for long if you change your mind. Temporary colors fade away with a few washes.
  • So the application is much simpler and takes less time. Some products are simply to be sprayed without hassle, while a few hair dyes take about 20-45 minutes to blend in.


The thing about it is that it’s a delicate balance between too much red and not enough blonde. So it’s a shade that requires regular touch-ups one way or another. That said, with the right products and a little bit of know-how, it’s not that difficult to keep your hair looking gorgeous.

The key is to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and to avoid over-washing your hair. You should also use a color-safe heat protectant when styling your hair, and be sure to use a deep conditioner regularly.

Common Questions About Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

What skin tone is best for strawberry blonde hair?

Strawberry blonde looks wonderful on women with fair, cool, or neutral skin tones. A light, warm red counteracts the cool tones in pale skin.

Is strawberry blonde the same as Ginger?

It’s the most common mistake to assume that they are the same. Ginger is a more vibrant and intense orange tone, whereas the strawberry blonde tone is also considered to be a copper tone but it’s much softer and lighter.

Ginger hair is the sole color that has a natural copper tone.

What’s the difference between red and strawberry blonde hair?

Red hair, like any other hair color, has many different shades and tones. Red hair can have shades ranging from light strawberry blonde to mahogany colors, but it’s often difficult to tell the difference between the two unless there are coppery reflections when light hits the hair.

Red and strawberry blonde are simply two different shades from the same color palette. Strawberry blonde is lighter than red hair. It’s extremely rare for people to have hair that is naturally a strawberry blonde color.

Basically, strawberry blonde is mostly based on red tones, with blonde highlights dotted here and there. It takes its name from the Italian renaissance.

During this period, women lightened their hair using lemon juice and saffron in combination with the sun’s natural rays of light. Red hair is often much thicker than blonde or brunette hair.

What’s the difference between strawberry blonde and rose gold?

Rose gold is part of the edgy new metallic colors like copper, gold, and silver that are all the rage in everything from hair color to homeware. Rose gold is more ashy, metallic, and pink than more natural-looking strawberry so it’s more suited to those with darker tones.

Strawberry is a warmer shade of red so pale skin, light eyes and light hair peeps will suit it best. Auburn is another similar shade to the red hair family. But it’s usually darker and more light brown-red and with less of a blonde tone than strawberry.

How do I get strawberry blonde hair?

  • You’ll need a blonde base to apply the golden strawberry reds and pinks that make this light color. If your hair is already a natural red hue such as auburn, go for more golden shades of red and pink to add depth and warmth to blonde hues.
  • Going strawberry blonde from brunette: This is the trickiest shade to turn strawberry blonde. For brunettes, all-over lighting is a must, as it’s not a color that tends to blend well with copper balayage. For this, colorists should use Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder until they reach a pale yellow hue, which may take a few salon sessions and plenty of our bond-strengthening system, WellaPlex.
    Then, tone using a hair-kind, permanent formula, like Koleston Perfect. Not only does it deliver our purest pigment yet, but it also gives you less hair damage color after color, ideal after such high volumes of lightener.
  • Going strawberry blonde from red: If you’re working with copper hair, you’re in luck; going strawberry blonde is a simple process, made easier with ribbons of our freehand pre-lightener, Blondor Freelights. Apply in root-to-tip blonde highlights or try a balayage technique, concentrating golden blonde hues through the mid-lengths and ends, while the roots of the hair are left that little bit deeper.
    For hair that’s naturally a darker red, up the number of lightened sections, leave some of them blonde, and tone others with a soft copper hue, like demi-permanent Color Touch 8/43. The effect is beautifully multi-tonal.
  • Going strawberry blonde from blonde: For light or medium blonde hair, there are so many ways to wear the strawberry blonde trend. In a sheer, all-over, almost-peach tint with hints of gold sparkling through. On a blonde base, try adding a scattering of semi-permanent Color Fresh CREATE lowlights, mixing Nu-Dist Pink with a drop of warmth, like Uber Gold or Hyper Coral for a strawberry hue.

What level is strawberry blonde?

Level 8. Stylists will know exactly how much copper, ginger, or pink color to mix with the golden blonde to get the shade that’s perfect for your skin tone. Your hair will also need to be lightened to at least a level 8, 9, or 10 to really pull this color off.

How to look after your strawberry blonde hair dye?

  • Don’t wash your hair until at least 48 hours later and try to wash it no more than once a week if you can get away with it.
    When you do, make sure you wash only with a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to tone your hair. Which one is right for you depends on whether your color has more red or golden undertones.
  • For red undertones: You want to prolong the effects of any orange brassiness with red toning shampoos and conditioners.
  • For golden undertones: If your hair color has golden glints to it, you need to prevent any yellow brassiness from spoiling your vibe with a good purple shampoo and conditioner.
  • Once a week, give your hair a deep conditioning mask to replenish your hair’s moisture and elasticity.

Enjoy Your New Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

Strawberry blonde hair is a hybrid of light red shades and warm blonde hues. It is among the most versatile hair color combinations, featuring warm and cool tones, it’s suitable for any skin undertone.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best strawberry blonde hair dye. We believe you are now equipped to make an informed decision and evaluate what’s best for your specific hair needs. The best of luck with your strawberry blonde hair dye!

Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts, questions, or comments. We are always thrilled to hear from you.

Disclosure: The Hair Products recommended in this article are our top favorites because they have a great combination of quality, features, and affordability. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through the links as a way to support this site. If you buy a qualifying product, you’re not charged anything extra, but I’ll get a small commission to help pay for my expenses. I hope you find our advice helpful and discover the Best Hair Products for your needs on this list.


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After graduating from an apprenticeship program in 2010, color specialist Doris began working behind the chair. She started with color corrections and then moved on to creative color. Currently, she works with blonding and grey-blending clients. Sarah views hair color as both an art form and a science and is passionate about salon education, which is the main reason why she started this blog. She has the Invisible Bead Extension Certification and the Bellami Master Certification for extensions.
Photo of author
After graduating from an apprenticeship program in 2010, color specialist Doris began working behind the chair. She started with color corrections and then moved on to creative color. Currently, she works with blonding and grey-blending clients. Sarah views hair color as both an art form and a science and is passionate about salon education, which is the main reason why she started this blog. She has the Invisible Bead Extension Certification and the Bellami Master Certification for extensions.