5 Best Ash Blonde Hair Dye Option (Top reviews and Buyers Guide)

Still haven’t joined the ash blonde hair wagon? Ash-blonde hair is soaring these days and it is perfect for winter and autumn! And the best part is that there are so many ways to flaunt ash blonde hair.

Whether you’re already on the ash blonde hair dye team or looking to become its member, know that there is a host of ways to make your styling decisions easier. This is exactly what we’ll be telling you about today, ash blonde hair dye and more.

Want hair that appears elegant, refined, and adds grace to your look? Then ash blonde hair dye is the way to go. It’s no wonder that ash blonde is a major hair goal, it’s literally cool, cool gray undertones, that look simply fantastic.

Changing your hair color is among the most essential acts we can do to improve and feel physically great about ourselves.

Reasons for getting your hair color altered are many, perhaps you wish to change your natural color for the first time; to color the white hair that begins to appear with age, or to change the color of the hair temporarily on a particular occasion.

Whatever the reason might be, the best ash blonde hair dye can help you achieve your dream style. However when you are new to ash blonde hair dye, choosing between light ash blonde hair dye, or dark ash blonde hair dye can be overwhelming.

Whether you’ve dyed your hair a bright color before or you’re new to the process, there are a few things to keep in mind when opting for an ash blonde hair dye. To help guide your ash blonde hair dye journey, we’ve narrowed down the best ash blonde hair dyes that the market has to offer.

Ash Blonde Hair Dye Reviewed In This Guide

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How To Choose The Perfect Ash Blonde Hair Dye For You?

If you want to pull off ash-blonde the right way you need to pick the right shades of ash-blonde hair dye. For those with cool skin tones, smoky ash-blonde does the trick. For those with warm skin tones, muted pastel, or light ash blonde fits like perfection.

The best ash blonde hair dye should suit your particular base color. It is also important to know how to properly use it in order to make the most out of your investment.

While there are no rules when it comes to experimenting with hair color, taking your starting hair color and undertones into consideration can help you select a shade that will be the most flattering for you.

When it comes to ash blonde hair dye for dark hair, you can consider brown ash blonde or caramel hue which are ideal options for those with a darker starting hair color or warmer undertones, maybe you’ll be interested in reading about caramel toner for hair.. These brunette-based shades are the perfect way to achieve ash-blonde tresses without the stress of multiple bleaching sessions in between.

If you aren’t quite ready for an all-over hair color change, you can test out the trend with ash-blonde ombré hair. By starting with a rich shade at your roots and fading to a pale shade at the ends, you get the best of both ends of the color spectrum.

Types Of Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Ombre Ash Blonde Hair Dye

If you’re not keen on going for a full head of blonde hair, an ombre style will treat you well. Color the ends of your dark brown bob in a cool-toned ash blonde and style it in loose waves to create a look that is perfect for the office, as well as the beach.

Buttery Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Picture a gorgeous warm buttery blonde style highlighted with streaks of cool ash blonde that creates a dynamic hair look.

Light Ash Blonde Hair Dye with Dark Roots

Light ash blonde is the top color of this two-tonal look with a darker base.

Gray Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Go for a gray balayage over medium ash blonde hair to create a hair look that no one can take their eyes off of.

Silver Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Ashy blonde hair color can give a stylish boost to brown locks if you opt to go for a trendy look. Accessories are an easy way to add some personality to your hair.
Add a metallic tinge to your plain old blonde hair to transform it from drab to fab!

Color your long bob in dark ash blonde near the roots and add some platinum baby lights at the ends. This contrast of light and dark shades will add some beautiful movement and dimension to your hair look.

Ash Blonde Hair Dye Highlights for Brunettes

When you want to try out some ash blonde hue, but prefer to do that subtly, perhaps trying it with highlights is the best way to go. The long, brunette hair is punctuated by ash blonde highlights placed throughout to create an understated sun-kissed look.

Dark To Light Ash Blonde Hair Dye

This hair color starts off with black roots at the top that slowly blend into ash blonde or a med ash blonde hair color and then platinum to create a stunning contrast of hair colors.

Iced Latte Ash Blonde Hair Dye

This ash blonde hair look that looks like the hair version of a perfectly made iced latte is everything. The dark roots melt into neutral ash blonde to make the color look all the more natural.

Smoky Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Create the smoky effect by going for black or dark brown roots and an ash blonde shade with dark gray undertones throughout the length of your hair. With these color styles in some big, sexy curls, you’re sure to create an air of mystery around you.

Moonlight Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Just get your hair balayage in shades of ash blonde and silver to create a super dynamic look. Leave the ends a shade lighter to create a subtle ombre effect.

Solid Ash-blonde Hair Dye

Sometimes, you just have to go all-in when you’re coloring your hair. So, get your hair colored in a super light ash blonde shade from roots to tips to go for a bolder look. Style your hair in a poker-straight short bob to amp up the edginess of your look.

Sunkissed Ash Blonde Hair Dye

A totally sexy hair look, of course! This blonde look is unique in the sense that it has warmer roots and highlights running through its cool-toned ash blonde base to create the perfect sunkissed effect.

Icy White Ash Blonde Hair Dye

This super-light ash-blonde style is just the right amount of daring and muted. Go for a medium-length cut and some loose curls to complete the beauty of this look.

Caramel Toned Ash Blonde Hair Dye

When you’re coloring your hair, it’s always good to experiment with combining shades and tones to create a hair color that’s tailor-made for you. For instance, the medium ash blonde color has caramel undertones to it that lends it a unique flair.

Combined with the chocolate roots at the top and the handpainted shaded effect, this makes for a truly gorgeous look.

Golden Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Leave your naturally dark roots untouched to lend more dimension to your hair look.

All-Over Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Get rid of all your hair color inhibitions and go all-in with your ash blonde hair look. Dye all your hair in a silver-toned ash blonde shade to transform your hair completely. Style your hair in a short bob and some side-swept bangs to add a cutesy vibe to the whole look.

Gradient Ash Blonde Hair Dye

This particular look creates a shaded effect that surpasses an ombre. The super dark brown hair here has been expertly shaded down to an ash blonde in the middle and platinum blonde towards the ends to create a perfect gradient of colors in her hair.

Chocolate Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Wanna add a bit of color to your hair without going too crazy with it? Then highlight your chocolate brown hair with some cool ash blonde streaks to create a look that everyone will surely fall in love with. Style this color in a wavy short bob to get ready for the summer in style.

Platinum Ash Blonde Hair Dye

This platinum blonde look has grayish ash-blonde undertones that give it a beautiful icy effect.

Brassy Ash Blonde Hair Dye

The brassy golden blonde is enhanced by and creates a stunning contrast when combined with the light ash blonde balayage highlights.

Ash Blonde Hair Dye On Black Hair

You can still retain your dark tresses but add a little light flair to them. Go for some ash blonde highlights to complement your cool-toned coffee-brown hair. Get your hair cut in a long bob and style it in waves to create a chic and stylish look.

Best Ash Blonde Hair Dye List

1. Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme

What We Like

  • Nourishing Hair Color
  • Permanent Hair Dye
  • Normal Hair type
  • Cream

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey
  • May Cause Allergic Reaction

Garnier Nutrisse hair color creme nourishes while you color with avocado, olive, and shea oils. The nourishing color creme enriched with fruit oil concentrate penetrates deep into hair fibers to nourish and condition your hair so it takes color better and holds it longer, root-to-tip.

Garnier Nutrisse delivers rich, radiant, long-lasting hair color with 100% grey coverage.

What Our Testers Say

I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing this dye is! I’ve had bad experiences with box dyes before so I was cautious when buying, but this stuff is magical. the scented oil you mix into the dye smells so good. just make sure you are in a well-ventilated room cause it’s strong! the conditioner it comes with is so amazing my hair is the softest and healthiest it’s felt in so long. this will definitely be the only dye I ever use going forward. 🙂

Discover the number 1 Nourishing Color Creme; Nutrisse Color is formulated with color boost technology and a blend of triple fruit oils.

Nutrisse hair color crème, with grape seed and avocado oil, comes in a complete hair dye kit and nourishes while it colors with a rich, non-drip creme formula.
For hair nourishing, easy-to-use permanent hair dye, temporary hair color, root touch-up, or to enhance your natural hair color, turn to Garnier hair color.


Always read the hair color instructions insert in the box. Store between 50 Degrees and 80 Degrees F.

2. Clairol Nice’n Easy Liquid Permanent Hair Dye

What We Like

  • Original Liquid Formula
  • Colorblend Technology
  • 100% Gray Coverage

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Clairol Nice ‘N Easy permanent hair color, in Natural Medium Ash Blonde Blonde, covers 100% of grays to give you true color using three complementary highlights and lowlights from Clairol’s ColorBlend technology.

You’ll have rich tones throughout your strands to give you natural-looking hair color for up to 8 weeks.

For expert results, make sure that Clairol Nice ’n Easy hair color is within one or two shades of your natural hue. Check the shade grid here to see how your existing hair shade affects your end color result.

Keep in mind that Clairol Nice ’n Easy hair color will cover 100% of grays, but the more gray hair you have, the lighter your overall color result will be.

What Our Testers Say

I like this Clairol brand best and gives the color results expected. Convenient to be able to color at home during these times, and having it delivered avoids trying to find it in stores that have short supplies.

Keep your Natural Medium Ash Blonde hair color fresh and your hair looking radiant with an effective color-care routine.
Clairol Nice ‘N Easy CC ColorSeal Conditioner in Beautiful Blondes is an intense conditioning treatment designed to keep colored locks soft and vibrant.

How To Use Clairol Nice’n Easy Medium Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Put on gloves. Pour bottle 1 into bottle 2 and shake.

  1. If you color every 1-3 months, make ½-inch partings throughout dry, unwashed hair and apply the mixture onto roots from front to back until saturated. Leave for 20 minutes. Apply the remaining mixture to the rest of the hair from roots to tips until saturated. Leave for 5 minutes.
  2. If you haven’t dyed in more than 3 months, apply the mixture to all of the hair starting at the roots for 25 minutes.
  3. Rinse and shampoo. Apply CC ColorSeal Conditioner. Leave for 2 minutes. Rinse. Use the remaining conditioner weekly.

3. Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color

What We Like

  • Ammonia-Free
  • Lightest Ash Blonde
  • Delicate Fragrance
  • No Silicone

What We Don’t Like

  • Oil

Olia is an ammonia-free hair color kit for brilliant color and visibly healthier-looking hair; Using an exclusive 60 percent oil blend with natural flower oils, Olia has a unique no-drip cream formula.

Olia transforms coloring your hair into a new sensorial experience; Because Olia hair dye is ammonia-free there is no harsh ammonia smell.

What Our Testers Say

Right off the bat what I noticed was there was no scent which was great! Applied to the roots first and let it sit for 15 then applied it to my whole head and left it on for 40min. The color is absolutely stunning! It looks more like an ashy brown which is what I wanted. Definitely will buy more again for sure.

For hair nourishing, easy-to-use permanent hair dye, temporary hair color, root touch-up, or to enhance your natural hair color, turn to Garnier hair color.

The power or oil propels color deep inside the hair for exceptional color. Olia respects the essential amino acids and lipid balance of natural hair. 100% grey coverage with brilliant, long-lasting color and 3x more shine.


High temperatures from heat-styling can damage your hair and cause your color to fade. To prevent this, be sure to always use a heat-protectant.

4. Naturtint Permanent Ash Blonde Hair Dye

What We Like

  • Ammonia-Free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • 100% Gray Coverage
  • Long-Lasting Results

What We Don’t Like

  • Not For Long Haired

This ash blonde hair dye is enriched with plant ingredients such as Oleic Acid, derived from olives, and Meadowfoam Seed Oil to nourish and moisturize your hair for added softness and shine.

What Our Testers Say

The color was perfect and has not faded after the first few washes! I’m happy to have found something that finally works and stays in!

The first permanent hair color recognized by the Bio-Preferred program, exceeding minimum content for hair styling products by using less petroleum-derived and more naturally derived substitutes and a permanent Root Retouch color formula that will help you seamlessly blend in your grays and roots in between full permanent hair color applications.

You can also expect this ash blonde hair dye to be vegan and cruelty-free and the best part? It covers 100% gray for long-lasting, natural-looking results that deliver vibrant color, deep hydration, and gorgeous hair.


One kit typically contains enough product to color shoulder-length hair. If your hair is longer than that, you may want to buy two or more kits. You can use Naturtint every 2-3 weeks.

5. ONC NATURALCOLORS Heat Activated Hair Dye

What We Like

  • Ammonia-Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 100% Gray Coverage

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

With ONC Natural Colors hair coloring kit, you’ll have the healthier and flawless hair you’ve always wanted. What’s even better, is that you can count on a long-lasting soft, and smooth texture that maintains gray coverage.

Whether you spend your days out in the sun, in an office, or running errands, we know how important it is to maintain healthy hair with a color you feel confident with. Applying ONC Natural Colors Hair Dye is as simple as it gets.

What Our Testers Say

First, its natural ingredients, and second the ease of use. I choose the nearest color from the chart and it arrived quickly. I followed the instructions very carefully and applied the heat as I am a complete novice. The end result was so much better than I expected. Would highly recommend it!

With beautiful hair color and natural hair care all in one bottle, the only thing we don’t include is harsh smells. This ash blonde hair dye contains Certified Organic ingredients for a healthier and safer coloring experience.

Enriched with certified organic ingredients like argan oil, aloe vera, orange extracts, chamomile, coconut oil, and vitamins, it makes your hair silky, shiny, and soft.


You can play with it with what you have. As long as your hair isn’t too long. If you have short to medium-length hair; you’ll probably have enough product! 

Ash Blonde Hair Dye Buying Guide

What Is A Ash Blonde Hair Dye?

In general, hair dyes are chemicals that are used to change hair color, therefore a rose gold hair dye, if properly done, chemicals in the dye will change the structure of the individual strands of hair in order to let the new color take hold.

In fact, one of the best things about the blonde hair palette is that there are so many shades to choose from, and each garners a lot of attention and praise. Ashy blonde is a cool tone in the blonde spectrum and flatters women with pale and pinky skin tones.

Ash-blonde hair color ranges from light to dark ash blonde hue and can make a different impact depending on whether you opt for an all-over dye or ashy highlights.

Ash-blonde hair is a decidedly more muted tone of blonde, but it is still capable of turning heads and making the same impact as other blonde bombshell shades.

How Does A Ash Blonde Hair Dye?

Hair coloring works by coating each strand with color (non-permanent color) or by penetrating each hair cuticle, entering the hair cortex, and bonding with the hair (permanent color). While non-permanent hair color can be shampooed out eventually, permanent color, as the name suggests, permanently colors the hair.

It is a light blonde shade with a silver-gray tint that gives it a cool shiny finish. Because it is a cool-toned shade, it works well with cool-toned skin and pairs nicely with green or blue undertones. It works best on lighter complexions and blue, gray, or green eyes. However, you can find ash-blonde variations for dark, medium, and olive-toned skin.

Ash hair color is used to tone any colors from brunette to the blonde that have unwanted warmth or to soften the warmth that naturally occurs in your hair. Or just choose ash when you’re looking for glassy hair color with silver smokey tones and a muted effect.

Features To Look For In A Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Perfect Shade of Ash Blonde

A smokey and sexy shade that pops with attitude, your ash blonde hair dye should be a stunning blend of blue, purple, and silver; that lends itself to a slick and sophisticated finish.

Ease of Use

The very first and important factor that determines a quality hair dye product is how easy or complicated it is to use. Coloring your hair shouldn’t feel like forever. The simpler, faster, the better.

Hair Type

Colors look different on a brunette than they would on a blonde. The same product may take a lighter tone on blonde curls and a darker hue on a brunette with straight hair. Whatever the shade, you will find a close-enough review for you to understand.


Some women tend to use bleach for making the color more prominent. If you have lightened your hair, the color will take a purer shade. Although a lot of brands advise against it, some specifically instruct you to do so.


Is your product cream-based or you can directly apply it? According to the instruction manual, you may need to mix and then apply the dye to your hair. There are some that come housed in a tube for direct application.


The shine and softness that the hair dye leaves your hair with. There are dyes that are going to make your hair dryer than you think, along with taking away the shine. So, whether the hair dye maintains the softness becomes a critical feature.

If the chosen hair dye makes your hair soft or rough, as so many hair colors tend to take the moisture out of the hair, leaving it rough; this is vital to make your final choice.


You also need to evaluate the lasting impact of the hair dye, this is a critical aspect on which you need to judge the hair dye. If it is not lasting enough, it is a total waste of your investment, both your money and time.

You may also just want a product that will be super easy to wash away and won’t stick with for long if you change your mind. Temporary colors fade away with few washes. So the application is much simpler and takes less time.

Maintenance Level

Cool ash blonde hair can vary from light to an almost brunette ash blonde. The key is maintaining the cool undertones, which is why experts recommend a Blondifier Cool Shampoo, enriched with acai berry extract and purple pigments (remember how purple helps keep yellow cool?).

There’s also a Blondifier conditioner and masque to add to your routine.

Common Questions About Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Does Ash-blonde cancel out orange?

As it turns out, you can use a blonde hair dye to neutralize your orange hair, the secret is to look for a shade that’s ashy. Ashy, cool undertones are the key to canceling out the warm, unflattering orange tones that currently adorn your strands.

How can I get ash blonde hair color at home?

Mix 1 part purple hair dye with 2 parts conditioner. By using 1 part purple dye and 2 parts conditioner, you should end up with a pastel purple once everything is mixed. The purple hair dye and conditioner will tone your hair, getting it to that ashy color.

Does ash blonde cover grey?

Ash colors generally do not cover gray hair on their own. Darker colors (brunette shades) will have more pigment in them and will provide better coverage than lighter colors (blond shades).

However, if you choose a color that is too dark, the color difference will be more dramatic when your hair grows out.

Does Ash blonde need Bleaching?

Even medium-toned brunettes could need a few bleaching sessions to achieve a light enough blonde tone and then you still have to add in the ash blonde hair dye. If you do need a few bleaching sessions, you’ll also need to wait at least two to three weeks between each one.

What happens if I put Ash blonde on orange hair?

Generally, we can say that ash blonde on orange hair before and after putting on can tone your hair color. To be more specific, this shade of ash blonde dye on orange hair can neutralize the brassiness. Ashy blonde has a cool undertone that cancels out the unflattering and warm tone of orange.

Can I put ash blonde over bleached hair?

Yes, you can do that. But you need to make sure that you have bleached very well and that you have got rid of as much excess yellow as possible. The ideal bleached hair is minimal yellow, level 10.

Can I put Ash blonde on yellow hair?

Because the yellow color is caused by red or orange hues in your natural hair, you can easily tone it to get the ash blonde color you want. Do it with toner and developer for a more permanent solution, or, if you want a temporary fix, try purple shampoo.

What happens if I use blonde dye on brown hair?

If you apply blonde hair dye to dark hair, you will never reach a blond hair color. You will however damage your hair from the chemicals in hair dye and risk ending up with dry, brassy, straw-like hair. If you have dark hair and you want to go blonde, you’ll have to bleach it.

Can I dye my hair ash blonde at home?

  • If your current hair color is darker than blonde, your hair will first need to be lightened before you can color it. Especially if you have your heart set on a lighter tone.
    This will involve using bleach so have a chat with your hairdresser to check your hair condition is up for it.
  • If your current color is light blonde or lighter, you’re good to go. Unless you’re going for dark ash blonde, you need super light hair to achieve this color at home.
    Make sure you read the advice on the box you choose carefully to match it with the color your hair is now.

How to color your hair ash blonde?

  1. Wrap an old towel around your shoulders so that you don’t get dye on your good clothes.
  2. Brush out all the knots and tangles from your hair.
  3. Part your hair first from the center of your forehead to the nape of your neck and then from your ear to ear to divide it into 4 sections.
  4. Roll and clip 3 sections of your hair, leaving loose the one you want to start dyeing first.
  5. Apply Vaseline all along your hairline and on your ears to prevent your skin from getting stained.
  6. Put on your rubber/plastic gloves. Follow the instructions given on the box and mix the hair dye and developer thoroughly in a bowl.
  7. Picking up half-inch sections of hair at a time, start applying the hair dye right from your roots with the help of a dying brush.
  8. Use a comb to pull the dye through the length of your hair, adding more color as needed, until you’ve applied the dye to the ends.
  9. Repeat this process until you have applied the ash blonde hair color to all four sections of your hair.
  10. Leave the dye in for the duration of time indicated on the box.
  11. Wash off the dye with warm water.
  12. Wait for about an hour before shampooing your hair with a shampoo made specifically for dyed blonde hair and condition it with the conditioner that came in the box of hair color. Don’t forget to buy yourself some purple shampoo and conditioner to keep that dreaded brassiness (that can develop on dyed blonde hair) at bay.

Enjoy Your New Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Ash-blonde is climbing the hair color charts right now as the must-have cool-toned blonde of the moment, and the best part is it looks good on all skin tones.

Our goal is for you to be able to make an informed decision and evaluate what’s best for your specific hair needs. We hope this guide was helpful in your journey toward the best ash blonde hair dye.

Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts, questions, or comments. We are always happy to hear from you.

Disclosure: The Hair Products recommended in this article are our top favorites because they have a great combination of quality, features, and affordability. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through the links as a way to support this site. If you buy a qualifying product, you’re not charged anything extra, but I’ll get a small commission to help pay for my expenses. I hope you find our advice helpful and discover the Best Hair Products for your needs on this list.

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After graduating from an apprenticeship program in 2010, color specialist Doris began working behind the chair. She started with color corrections and then moved on to creative color. Currently, she works with blonding and grey-blending clients. Sarah views hair color as both an art form and a science and is passionate about salon education, which is the main reason why she started this blog. She has the Invisible Bead Extension Certification and the Bellami Master Certification for extensions.
Photo of author
After graduating from an apprenticeship program in 2010, color specialist Doris began working behind the chair. She started with color corrections and then moved on to creative color. Currently, she works with blonding and grey-blending clients. Sarah views hair color as both an art form and a science and is passionate about salon education, which is the main reason why she started this blog. She has the Invisible Bead Extension Certification and the Bellami Master Certification for extensions.