14 Different Types of Hair Dye Colors plus 5 you won’t believe actually exist

Dying our hair is a regular part of one’s beauty routine or general routine for that matter, it has become a huge part of everyday life and honestly, once you start, you get hooked.
Nowadays hair dye is not specifically attached to women alone, this ancient practice is highly employed by men of all ages alike, and there’s a wide range of hair dye colors to chose from depending on people’s specific needs and wants.

You may be surprised to learn that hair dyeing was employed by Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Though they all used different techniques, even then, thousands of years ago, they were able to cover their graying hair. Then we find in the modern history of hair color, that like with anything else it was discovered by accident while an English professor tried to find a cure for malaria. And then some more time later, a French chemist came up with the very first commercial hair color.

If you, like millions around the world are interested in getting the job done, there’s a variety of ways in which you can dye your hair; from getting it done at a salon, from a box at home, or through a temporary color spray. And as normal as it is to do so, hair dying has always been a bit of a controversial topic due to the chemicals it contains. Traditional hair dyes can contain potentially toxic and damaging chemicals like ammonia or parabens.

The obvious answer to staying away from damaging chemicals and still get your hair dyed is through the use of natural hair dyes, which are often made of ingredients you might already have at home. Here we’ll tell you about all the different types you can get your hands on and a lot more you’ll surely find useful.

Different Types of Hair Dye Colors


Permanent hair dyes are also known as oxidation, the reason s is because an oxidizer -usually hydrogen peroxide or and ammonia; is mixed with the coloring agent before it ends up on your head. The chemicals used are stronger and the mixture usually has to be left on for a longer period of time.

This type of dye doesn’t have to be applied as often as semi-permanent or temporary colors.
There is a wider range of permanent colors, and these color shades often offer a more natural look. That said, permanent dyes can be more damaging to your hair.


Demi-permanent hair dyes refer to a low-ammonia formula that is usually combined with a low-volume developer. Keep in mind that demi-permanent color recipes will not lift or lighten the hair or cover grey.

What demi-permanent dyes can do is, darken the hair or change the tone by gently opening the surface cuticle of the hair and allowing the dye to penetrate slightly into the hair shaft. These are great for adding shine to your mane, enhance natural hair color; deposit color over blonde or lightened hair; refresh faded hair color; correct hair color and blend highlights.


Semi-permanent is also known as temporary hair color offers you a more natural color and is also pretty easy to utilize. You can use semi-permanent dyes straight from the applicator since these do not need to be pre-mixed, the reason why these are also known as direct dye.

Depending upon the health and porosity of the hair, semi-permanent color can last anywhere between four and 12 shampoos before gradually fading. This dye type will not lighten your hair, cover grey or change your hair color, however, it will alter the tone of the hair, without penetrating the hair shaft.


Gradual hair dyes become a fantastic option for those who are afraid to suffer an allergic reaction or any sort of negative reaction to hair dye and still are dying to achieve a different look. You’ll be relieved to find out that these hair dyes do not contain harsh chemicals, which means that users are a lot less likely to have an allergic reaction.

The magic of these also relies on that the darkening process takes place very gradually so that the final appearance isn’t a shock. These are also a great choice for those who look for darkening hair from gray to light brown to burgundy.


Temporary hair color will change the hair color instantly. It can be found in powder, chalk, or spray form. While temporary hair dye coats the hair with color, it will not lighten, darken or alter the actual hair color in any way.

It is often employed to mask regrowth, coat grey hair, add sections or panels of color, or be used to create fun designs or stencils in the hair. As temporary colors don’t contain bleach, they can’t lighten your natural shade. Temporary dyes fade with shampooing and exposure to air. This means they need to be frequently reapplied, which can be harmful to your hair.

Different Types of Hair Dye Colors by Feature


If you dye your hair on a regular basis but are looking to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, then natural hair dye might just be for you. Users become understandably worried about putting a lot of harsh chemicals on their hair and into their bodies. The good news is you can still do proper upkeep by opting instead for a natural product.

Let’s not fool ourselves permanent colors are always going to have some of the chemicals in them, simply because if they didn’t, these wouldn’t be able to dye your hair. By choosing natural hair dyes, you can be a little less exposed to dangerous and damaging elements.


If you want to make sure you’ll have the hair color you want while staying away from any dangerous chemicals, then you should pick a hair dye that is one hundred percent organic. While it may be difficult to find these are your best choice to stay away from harsh chemicals.

When using organic dyes, you also need to be aware of the fact that these do not offer the staying potency that traditional hair dyes do provide. In other words, you shouldn’t expect your brand new hair color stays consistent throughout your strands or through washes. This also means you’ll have to be constantly touching up your hair.


If you suffer from allergies, then paraben-free may be in your vocabulary. For those who don’t know, these are chemical preservatives that are used in a wide variety of different beauty products, including hair dye, and that are considered, toxic.

There has been a lot of concerns raised about the safety of parabens and whether or not they actually make products toxic. Expert show concern that the parabens can actually travel through a person’s skin and into the bloodstream. The reason why you ought to be all the more careful in choosing products that are completely safe.


You certainly do not want to be using a product that has been tested on an animal, but unless you opt for cruelty-free hair dye, there is a very real chance that the product you are considering was tested on an animal which can be very cruel for the animals.

This is often done because manufacturers are looking for any allergic reactions or problems with the product before they sell it in stores. You should always choose cruelty-free products, as these will not have been tested on animals.


Ammonia is often found in permanent and semi-permanent dyes. This key ingredient ensures that the color of the dye can enter into the shaft of your hair, allowing the color to stay in the hair and be permanent through washings.

Though it is a common ingredient in dyes, it is quite dangerous, as ammonia can cause an irritated scalp, and not only that but it can also cause sinus problems; the reason why it is best to pick a hair dye that is ammonia-free so that you are not causing undue damage to your hair. Ammonia-free dyes are a lot more gentle on your scalp.

Different Types of Hair Dye by Color

Purple hair dye

When you go purple you can choose from a full head of lavender, a two-tone mauve dip-dye, or a berry-whisked balayage look. When it comes to dying your hair purple, it’s all great news for your platinum and honey blonde ladies. You already have a great base to begin your blonde-to-bold color transformation.

Favorite hair dye: Adore Creative Image Semi-permanent Hair Color, 114 Violet Gem, 4 Fl Oz

Hair Dye Colors: Adore creative ImagePin

Type: Semi-permanent
Feature: Ammonia and Peroxide Free

We like it because Adore smells good, lasts almost 3-4 weeks without retouch, and doesn’t stain in anything. Another good thing about this dye is that you don’t have to use gloves. Once you finish you can wash your hands with dish soap and the dye will go out of your hands.

Get it from Amazon.

Green hair dye

No matter what color your hair is or your desired shade of green is, lightening your strands first will be involved 99 percent of the time, Jewel says. This step helps create an even canvas so the dye looks truly green.

Favorite hair dye: Manic Panic Electric Lizard Hair Dye Classic

Hair Dye Colors: Manic Panic electric LizardPin

Type: Semi-Permanent
Feature: Paraben Free, Ammonia-Free

Electric Lizard is a bright, neon green dye that looks as electric as it sounds. With vibrant, lime green hues, this shade glows brightly under black lights! For best results, it is recommended to lighten your hair to the lightest level 10 blonde before use.

Find Manic Panic Electric Lizard Hair Dye Classic on Amazon.

Orange hair dye

Results depend on starting hair color and texture, and porosity. When it comes to getting such bold hair color, keep in mind that such a bold, vibrant hair color requires a light base in order to truly stand out. This means if you’re starting with dark hair color, you’ll need to bleach your strands prior to coloring them a burnt orange hue. If you’re starting with black or very dark brown hair, consider going to a professional rather than DIY-ing the color.

Favorite hair dye: Splat | Orange Fireballs | Original Complete Hair Dye Kit

Hair Dye Colors: SplatPin

Type: Semi-Permanent
Feature: Vegan and Cruelty-Free

We like this because it is an ultra-conditioning formula that has quinoa Extracts Strengthen and protects while improving shine and help lock in color. This kit comes with everything you need including; color, bleach, developer, shampoo, deep conditioner, gloves, and instructions.

Find Splat | Orange Fireballs | Original Complete Hair Dye Kit | Semi-Permanent | 30 Wash | Long-Lasting | Vegan and Cruelty-Free on Amazon.

Ash-blonde hair dye

There are a lot of hair color trends to keep up with these days, but ash blonde hair lands high on the must-try list! Ash-blonde hair dye offers a blonde hue with tints of gray to create an ashy shade. On the surface, it looks a lot like platinum blonde hair, but darker roots are left to add dimension and a natural feel.

Favorite hair dye: Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent, 7A Dark Cool Blonde, Sandalwood, 3 Count

Hair Dye Colors: Clairol Natural InstincsPin

Type: Semi-Permanent
Feature: Natural

If you want to go lighter: choose a shade no more than 2 shades lighter/ above your current shade. Note: If in doubt between 2 shades, always choose the lighter one.​ If you want to go darker: Start with 1 shade darker the first time to get a sense of what darker hair will look like on you.​

Find Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent, 7A Dark Cool Blonde, Sandalwood, 3 Count on Amazon.

Ash brown hair dye

An ash brown hair color features a stunning mix of brunette and gray shades. While lots of brown hair colors are warmer, with notes of red or caramel blended throughout, ash brown is the ultimate cool-toned shade.

Favorite hair dye: Il Salone Milano Permanent Hair Color Cream

Hair Dye Colors: Il Salone Pin

Type: Permanent
Feature: Paraben-Free

We like this because the innovative hair color kit includes moisturizing oils that give the color a boost of shimmering vitality. The easy-to-use hair dye system is enriched with Linseed Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil, which will leave your hair soft and shiny.

Find Il Salone Milano Permanent Hair Color Cream on Amazon.

Strawberry blonde hair dye

If you can’t decide between red hair or blonde hair, it turns out you don’t have to decide between these two trendy shades. Strawberry blonde hair is here to save the day. Strawberry blonde hair is easiest to bring to life on blonde hair and light red hair.

Favorite hair dye: dpHUE Gloss+ – Strawberry, 6.5 oz – Color-Boosting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye & Deep Conditioner

Hair Dye Colors: dp hue Pin

Type: Semi-Permanent
Feature: Gluten-Free, Vegan, ammonia-free

We like this because it gives a boost to your color enhancing and deepening your natural hair color or color-treated hair to give you that fresh out-of-the-salon feel; Strawberry’s gold and copper tones give natural redheads more vibrance.

Find dpHUE Gloss+ – Strawberry, 6.5 oz – Color-Boosting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye & Deep Conditioner on Amazon.

Dark blue hair dye

Think deep blue hues in varying degrees of darkness. You can try out the dark blue trend as an all-over color, alternating lowlights, or ombré highlights that fade from midnight blue at the root to a brighter shade on your ends.

Favorite hair dye: Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye (8 Fl Oz, BLUE JEAN BABY)

Hair Dye Colors: Artic FoxPin

Type: Semi-Permanent
Feature: Cruelty-Free

We like Arctic Fox because it’s made only from vegan ingredients with no animal by-products. No harmful chemicals in Arctic Fox hair dye that damage the hair like chemical-based hair colors. Arctic Fox hair dyes are gentle for frequent use and actually conditions your hair as it restores vibrancy.

Find Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye (8 Fl Oz, BLUE JEAN BABY) on Amazon.

Dark red hair dye

As far as dark red hair colors go, it doesn’t get more stunning than a deep burgundy hue. This is an ideal shade for those who are ready to fully embrace a dark red mane.

Favorite hair dye: Colorsilk By Revlon

Hair Dye Colors: Revlon Color SilkPin

Type: Permanent
Feature: Ammonia-Free

We like this one because it delivers glossy, long-lasting color with 100% gray coverage.

Find Colorsilk By Revlon, Ammonia-Free Permanent, Haircolor: Burgundy #48-1 Ea (Pack of 3) on Amazon.

Auburn hair dye

Auburn hair color can be ideal for those seeking a red result. Auburn hair dye range can delicately deliver a variety of subtle to rich red hues that result in a beautiful red look.

Favorite hair dye: Clairol Nice’N Easy

Hair Dye Colors: Clairol nice n' easyPin

Type: Permanent
Feature: Natural

For expert results, make sure that Clairol Nice ’n Easy hair color is within one or two shades of your natural hue. Keep in mind that Clairol Nice ’n Easy hair color will cover 100% of grays, but the more gray hair you have, the lighter your overall color result will be.

Find Clairol Nice’N Easy Original 6R Natural Light Auburn (Pack of 3) on Amazon.

Ginger hair dye

Natural redheads aren’t the only ones who get to rock ginger hair. You can make your red hair dreams come true by picking the right shade. If dark hair is your comfort zone, you’ll be happy to know that dark ginger hair maintains a perfect balance between brown and red.

Favorite hair dye: Crazy Color Hair Dye

Hair Dye Colors: Crazy ColorPin

Type: Semi-Permanent
Feature: Vegan and Cruelty

We like this one because this rainbow crazy color hair dye is effective for long-term coloring. The hair color is bright and vivid for 6-8 hair washes.

Find Crazy Color Hair Dye – Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color – Temporary Dye for Pre-lightened or Blonde Hair – No Peroxide or Developer Required (CORAL RED) on Amazon.

Dark green hair dye

Like any colorful hair-dye shade, green hair dye works best when applied to pre-bleached hair or light blond strands; for those with medium blond hair and dark, brunette tresses, these dyes will likely have a subtle effect. But, that doesn’t mean that the results won’t be equally as striking.

Favorite hair dye: Manic Panic Green Envy

Hair Dye Colors: Manic PanicPin

Type: Semi-Permanent
Feature: Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free

We like Manic Panic Green Envy Hair Color Amplified because it’s a deep emerald dye with a very slight blue tint. This dye can add verdant highlights to virgin, unbleached hair, but we recommend using this shade over hair that’s been lightened to a light level 8 blonde or lighter.

Find Manic Panic Green Envy Hair Color Amplified on Amazon.

Blue hair dye

If you are thinking about dying your hair blue and you are a brunette, the good news is you won’t have to pre-lighten their hair in order for it to show up. You might want. to read what is the best shampoo for blue hair.

Favorite hair dye: Color X-Change

Hair Dye Colors: Color X ChangePin

Type: Semi-Permanent
Feature: Ammonia-Free, Paraben-Free

We like it because it is formulated with the highest concentration of color pigments and treats hair to bold brilliance with its moisture and shine-enhancing color.

Find Color X-Change Semi-Permanent Hair Color, MOOD OF BLUE on Amazon

Blue-black hair dye

One of the best things about getting a blue hair color is that since it’s such a dark shade, most base colors won’t need to be bleached to get the look.

Favorite hair dye: Henna King

Hair Dye Colors: Henna KingPin

Type: Temporary
Feature: Organic

We like this one because you may re-apply as often as needed, when new root growth is visible, or as it begins to fade as it is chemical-free. It is easy to use and the application kit includes gloves, caps, and instructions.

Find Henna Maiden INDIGO DARK BLUE Hair Color: 100% Natural & Chemical Free on Amazon

Permanent blue hair dye

It’s no secret that blue hair looks gorgeous all on its own, but what about taking it up a notch? If you want to add a little colorful allure to your dark blue mane, consider adding some silver streaks or rainbow ends.

Favorite hair dye: N Rage

Hair Dye Colors: Due n' ragePin

Type: Demi-Permanent
Feature: Cruelty-Free

We like N Rage because you can get a salon-like bright cobalt blue hair finish at home with this product and offers a vibrant and long-lasting hair color that’s ideal for all hair types.

Find N Rage Demi Permanente Hair Color, Cobalt Blue on Amazon.

Different Types of Hair Dye Colors you won’t believe actually exist

Color changing hair dye

Color-changing hair dye is a temporary dye that alters from one color to another when exposed to temperature changes. Usually remaining in the same general color families, these dyes give you the ability to shift between hues like pink and purple, green and yellow, black and red, or peach and “invisible” with the most subtle changes in temperature.

Favorite hair dye: Pravana Vivids Mood

Hair Dye Colors: Pravana Vivids colorsPin

Type: Permanent
Feature: Cruelty-free

Although Pravana Vivids Moods is among the priciest options on the market, we like it because their box kit comes with every color variant they make in one box. The box includes four color-changing options: Lime Green to Sunny Yellow, Cool Violet to Warm Pink, Smokey Gray to Invisible and Tropical Peach to Invisible.

Find Pravana Vivids Mood Heat Activated Hair Color Kit – New! on Amazon.

Glow in the dark hair dye

Glow in the dark hair dye became really trendy around 2016, similar to rainbow hair, in that it often incorporates multiple bright colors, glow-in-the-dark hair dye comes to life either with a black light or in a very dark room.

Favorite hair dye: Moon Glow – Blacklight Neon Hair Color Streaks 0.51oz Set of 8 colors

Hair Dye Colors: Glow in the dark hair dyePin

Type: Permanent
Feature: Cruelty-Free

For Glow in the dark hair dye, our favorite is hands down Moon Glow. You can obtain stunning effects in the hair using Moon Glow Neon UV Colour Hair Streaks. Perfect for clubbing, parties, festivals, UV sports, stage performances, and anywhere with UV Lighting.
Moon Glow products are not tested on animals and all Moon Glow cosmetic and special effect products are proudly made in the UK.

Shop Moon Glow – Blacklight Neon Hair Color Streaks 0.51oz Set of 8 colors – Glows brightly under Blacklights/UV Lighting! on Amazon. Set includes Neon UV Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, and Purple.

Sparks hair dye

Sparks is a vibrant, permanent hair color that produces the brightest shades imaginable.

Favorite hair dye: Sparks Bright Haircolor

Hair Dye Colors: Sparks Hair DyePin

Type: Permanent
Feature: Cruelty-Free

Sparks is a professional quality direct dye. This special dye system allows you to apply the color straight out of the tube directly onto the hair with no need to mix with anything else. Sparks is the longest-lasting bright hair dye available and will last in the hair for up to 3 months!

Popular Sparks hair dyes include SPARKS Permanent Hair Color (Wild Flamingo), Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color, Wild Flamingo, Sparks Dye-namic Duo Electric Blue + Shampoo, and the Sparks Bright Haircolor Lala Lavender.
Shop sparks hair dye on Amazon.

Lunar Tides hair dye

Lunar Tides hair dye is specifically designed to eliminate the need for hidden extras like developers.

Favorite hair dye: Lunar Tides Hair Dye – Juniper Green

Hair Dye Colors: Lunar Tides Hair Dye Pin

Type: Semi-permanent
Feature: Cruelty-Free

Perfect for those that love to dye their hair, again and again, Lunar Tides’ vegan hair dye doesn’t damage your hair with use. All Lunar Tides dyes are vegan & cruelty-free and all colored hair dyes require light blonde or platinum hair prior to application, using a tint brush is recommended for even application.
Lunar Tides hair dye best sellers include Juniper Green, Silver Lining, and Lunar White toner.

Shop Lunar Tides hair dye on Amazon.

Special effects hair dye

It stays in the longest and even though it’s expensive, it is well worth the money. The colors are vibrant and pigmented.

Favorite hair dye: Special Effects SFX Hair Color Hair

Hair Dye Colors: Special effectsPin

Type: Semi-Permanent
Feature: Vegan friendly, not tested on animals

Special Effects hair dye is a semipermanent, conditioning hair color that comes in a wide spectrum of fabulous colors. The most intense long-lasting semipermanent hair color on the market. Generally lasts 3 to 6 weeks on most hair types. Lasts longer on bleached or pre-lightened hair. The following colors glow under black light Atomic Pink, Nuclear Red, Cherry Bomb, Hi-Octane Orange, Joyride, Cupcake Pink, Bright as F Yellow, Napalm Orange

Shop Special Effects SFX Hair Color Hair Dye Fish Bowl on Amazon.

Hair Dye Colors Brands we like

Ion hair dye – Our favorite trending hair dye brand on the rise

Ion Hair Color’s superior quality, proprietary blends are formulated in Italy by our expert team of chemists to deliver unparalleled results. ion’s unique system combines the finest quality natural and exotic ingredients with powerful high-tech compounds to achieve exquisite, brilliant color with superior gray coverage. ion Hair Color science relies on the power of micro-pigmentation— ion’s microscopic pigment molecules oxidize slower, allowing them to penetrate deep into the cortex of each hair strand for long-lasting, fade-resistant color. Permanent brights provide bold, contemporary color that lasts. Unlock your hair’s true potential with Ion’s cutting-edge, salon-quality color science and bring home vibrancy like never before.

Hair Dye Colors: Ion Permanent BrightsPin

Ion’s popular hair dyes include Ion Permanent Creme Hair Color, Ion Permanent Liquid Hair Color, and Ion Intensive Shine Hair Color Kit.
Shop Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Magenta Magenta on Amazon.

Iroiro hair dye

Iroiro is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free semi-permanent hair color. Most vibrant and long-lasting, our colors prove that natural doesn’t mean weak. Available in both 8 and 4 oz Eco-friendly containers. As well as coloring your hair, Iroiro provides your hair with the nourishment it needs to stay healthy – which is especially important when it comes to coloring your hair – thanks to the natural 100% pure coconut oil in the ingredients, which helps to keep your hair moisturized throughout the coloring process.

Hair Dye Colors: Iroiro semi permanent hair colorPin

Popular Iroiro hair dyes we find include IROIRO Premium Natural Semi-Permanent Hair Color 70 Pink (4oz) and Iroiro Natural Premium Semi-Permanent Hair Color 120 Yellow 4oz.
Shop IROIRO Premium Natural Semi-Permanent Hair Color 340 Neon Blue (4oz) on Amazon.

Creme of nature hair dye

Creme Of Nature Exotic Shine Color With Argan Oil, Red Copper, long-lasting hair color system that actually conditions relaxed and natural hair as it colors. Ultra nourishing treatment with argan oil deeply conditions, softens, seals in moisture, and locks in color. Super strengthening conditioners and vitamins penetrate the shaft while coloring to help prevent damage, dryness, and breakage. Ultimately, leaving the hair feeling stronger and healthier with exotic shine.

hair dye colors: creme of naturePin

Famous Creme of nature hair dyes includes Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color, Light Copper Red, 6.4 Fl Oz. Shop Creme of Nature on Amazon.

Kiss hair dye

Kiss colors tintation (hair dye, is a Semi-Permanent Hair Color Treatment for those who wish to be bold with their hair without compromising hair health. With 54 mixable, vivid colors to choose from, the color possibilities are endless!
Tintation is formulated with natural ingredients to ensure that your hair is not only vibrant but also healthy and conditioned. To maximize benefits, ingredients include Aloe Vera Water instead of distilled water. Aloe Vera Water contains Proteolytic enzymes and Amino acids that repair dead cells on the scalp and maintains an optimal pH balance.

Hair Dye Colors: Kiss Express colorsPin

Popular Kiss hair dye includes Kiss Tintation Semi-Permanent Hair Color Treatment 148 mL (5 US fl. oz) (Cajun Spice) and Kiss Express Semi-Permanent Hair Color 100mL (3.5 US fl. oz) (1 Count, Black).
Find Kiss hair dye on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hair dye kill lice?

It is well known that although hair dye has the power to kills lice, it will not get rid of lice eggs. So, as much as you would like your hair dye to fix your lice problem, keep in mind it will not kill lice eggs, also known as nits. You may want to search for lice removal treatments that will most likely be effective, these are created specifically for that.

Does hair dye expire?

Hair dye products don’t typically have expiration dates on their package. According to manufacturers, unopened hair dye doesn’t expire.

How long does hair dye last?

If you are among the consumers who are wondering if old hair dye still works and is safe to use. Manufacturers, caution, that hair dye has a shelf life of about 3 years. After that period of time, hair dye may not work effectively.

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