Ultimate Guide To Hair Brushes

Don’t know what hairbrush to get? Did you know hair brushes come in different sizes and shapes and that there is probably one that will suit your hair needs, but most likely, you haven’t discovered it just yet?

Have you noticed your friend’s hairbrush is different from yours, or perhaps during that hair salon appointment, you have probably wonder why stylists need/have so many types of hairbrushes?

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There are unique specs about hair brushes that you should know because brushing your hair, like taking a shower every day, is an essential aspect of your self-care routine. Ultimately, it says a lot about leading a healthy lifestyle.

With our ultimate guide to hairbrushes, you’ll be able to find out which type of hairbrush will target your specific hair care needs.

What Hair brush Is the Best For Your Hair?

First things first, don’t be confused about hair brushing and hair combing. While you may think it is the same, one uses a brush and a comb.

While combs have teeth, brushes have bristles, and both grooming tools can damage the hair.
Why do you ask? Because when your strands become trapped around bristles, resistance occurs, and our first instinct is to pull the brush through, a massive mistake for hair health.

While you may think that yanking the brush through is an effective method to unknot the hair, you are only and literally only ripping the tangles hairs from the scalp. If you want to get all the knots sorted out, quick brushing can work best. That said, a minor breakage will still happen.
Experts recommend using a comb to get rid of tangles followed by a brush to create your desired style.

This is why it becomes essential to wisely choose your brush hair because inaccurate brushing and implementing the wrong type of brush can result in adverse effects for your scalp and mane.
So what hairbrush is best for your hair? Since you can choose between different types, learn below about them to make an intelligent decision. Just know that the perfect hairbrush is waiting for you.

How Do I Choose a Hairbrush?

To choose your dream hairbrush, there are some specifications you may want to consider first.

You probably don’t want a hairbrush that promises to be gentle on your hair, only to find out later that it takes you to double the time to brush every day. Or a standard brush that proves to be no match for your unruly mane or one that broke off, leaving you with half the handle in your hand and the other half stuck in your scalp.

When on the lookout for the perfect hairbrush, you should think about things like the material is made of, its shape and size, as well as its features. We will cover that and more below.

Do Hair Brushes Make A Difference?

The right hair brush can make a huge difference; it will primarily ensure your hair does not suffer further damage but also and equally as necessary, the correct hairbrush can make your life easier when it comes to styling your locks!

Whether for daily grooming and overall personal appearance or that special event, your hairbrush will become an indispensable tool to control, manage, and give your hair the proper upkeep.

Hair Brushes Guide

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You must know that not all brushes are created the same.


Different materials are used to fabricate a hair brush’s bristles, making it perhaps its most important spec.
Bristles’ main job is to be sturdy enough to detangle and distribute natural oils but gentle enough not to damage hair.
As you may conclude, thinner hair requires softer bristles than thicker, more difficult to control hair.
So, finding suitable bristles in your hairbrush can make or break your hair.

Boar Hair

Hair Brushes: Boar_Hair_BrushPin

Boar hair is known as the most natural common choice for bristles in hairbrushes. It is strong enough to distribute oils but does not carry any severe chemicals or plastics that may incur breakage or other damage. Due to its soft and flexible characteristics, these are recommended for fine and medium hair types.

These also help damaged hair attain a healthier status, adding shine to most hair types. However, the prolonged use of wet hair is not a good idea.

Synthetic Nylon

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This type of bristles works best with thicker hair; due to its stiffer nature, these are perfectly able to penetrate thick hair, giving you more control.

It is also recommended if you have dry, frizzier hair. It will ensure you get rid of flyaways, frizz, and ugly poufy hair.

Metal Hair Brush

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Rebellious, seriously tangled hair is tamed through metal bristles. These are also a better option for those with texturized hair.
Word to the wise, be careful not to use metal bristles with heat as bristles may become too hot and cause harm to your scalp and hair.

Wood Hair Brush

Hair Brushes: Wood Hair BrushPin

Wooden bristles are the best option for dry and curly hair because they are gentle enough not to mess with its style.

Brushes also come with a mix of natural and synthetic bristles. Some people may notice that this combination helps detangle hairs and reach through its depths to offer smooth, shiny, and healthy locks.

Shape and Size

The different shapes and sizes of hairbrushes aim to offer more functionality during the styling process. That said, shape and dimensions don’t make a huge difference when choosing your brush; the choice still falls on what the bristle is made of because the critical point is to find one that can manage your hair.

You may want to consider the length and surface you want to cover, from small brushes to large paddle brushes and curved brushes, to make your best choice. Some shapes, like the curved hairbrush, can help better distribute natural oils. Others can even help to give the illusion of volume or reduce frizz or are especially good for faster drying, while others are designed to fit the palm of your hand.

Hair Brushes For Styling

Paddle Brushes

Hair Brushes: Paddle BrushesPin

Boar paddle bristles are the right option for long, thinner hair, resulting in smooth hair; nylon paddle bristles are always better for thicker hair types. If you want to detangle any hair length, a paddle brush is a good option, and it can also be utilized in blow-drying.

Smoothing and Detangling Brushes

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This is a standard type of brush designed to detangle, smooth, add shine, and stimulate your scalp. Experts recommend a boar-bristle smoothing brush.

Detangling brushes focus on knotted hair, perfect as a pain-free practice of smoothing wet or dry hair without causing breakage. Some detangling brushes are specifically made to tackle particularly stubborn hair and can be used in the shower.

Round Brushes

Hair Brushes: Round BrushesPin

Round brushes are widely used as the go-to choice for styling. They work simultaneously to tame thick hair and can be found in wood and metal. Wood options with boar bristles promote smoothing and volume, while metal options work well on wet hair.

Sculpting and Cushion Brushes

Hair Brushes: Sculpting and Cushion BrushesPin

These are the best choice when working on wet hair. These will help you reduce static and make your hair softer. This type of brush is also recommended to detangle short hair.

Wooden-bristle Brush

Hair Brushes: Wooden-bristle BrushPin

This type of brush is specially designed for curly hair needs. Since curly hair shouldn’t be brushed for long, these widely-spaced wooden bristles keep curls in their natural shape.

Thermal Brushes

Hair Brushes: Thermal BrushesPin

You’ll likely see this type of brush lying around a salon. Thermal brushes are all-in-one brushes for a blowout.

These are great choices if you’d like to do a blowout by yourself. Get a rounded barrel for volume and stylish wavy blowouts. Thermal brushes work well on most hair types.

Teasing Brushes

Hair Brushes: Teasing BrushesPin

These focus on giving you a boost of volume thanks to is different levels of staggered boar bristles. Teasing brushes are meant for dry hair only.

Edge Brushes

Hair Brushes: Edge BrushesPin

It may seem like a toothbrush, but these types of brushes are designed to tame especially hard to get baby hairs. Another great use is to help settle the details of an updo or keep flyaways in place. 

Finishing Brushes

Hair Brushes: Finishing BrushesPin

You could use this brush to detangle, but its primary purpose is to provide perfect shine to styled hair. Finishing brushes are enhancers, making luster and smoothness pop.



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Sets are incredible because they will ensure you have all the types of brushes you need without having to look individually. Plus, combining the different types of your set will provide that the perfect look you are trying to achieve.

Make sure your set comes with a round brush, a vented brush, and a paddle brush; with these three, you’ll be able to look your best at all times.

Protected Bristles

Hair Brushes: Protected BristlesPin

Protected bristles are a matter of personal preference; some may think it’s essential to like, say, people with sensitive scalps, others may not even think about them. However, if you are worried about hair tangles, these tiny balls of plastic on the tips, then you may want to consider getting a brush that has protected bristles.


Hair Brushes: ErgonomicPin

Ergonomic hair brushes are great if you are going to be hair brushing for long periods. These are made to have a comfortable grip so your hand/wrist won’t hurt even if you use it for hours.

Other Perks

Other perks, including brush handles, are also made from different materials, keeping in mind the user’s comfort or environmental impact. Handle’s variety includes plastic, ceramic, and bamboo.

Best Sellers Hair Brushes On A Budget

Hairbrushes can cost up to a couple hundred dollars or more, but we have you covered if you are on a budget.
Here are the best hairbrushes to shop for on a budget; you can find these for $20 or under.

1. XL Nylon Bristle $19.99

Hair Brushes: XL_Nylon_BristlePin

The Flex Brush is the 2019 GH Beauty Award winner. Excellent for detangling dry and wet hair and loosening knots.

2. The Original Detangling Hairbrush $8.44

Hair Brushes: tangle TeezerPin

The Tangle Teaser is the best option for curly hair.

3. Original Hair Brush Detangler $8.75

Hair Brushes: wet brushPin

The wet brush is the best hairbrush for preventing breakage.

4. Detangling Brush $19.00.

Hair Brushes: Harry Josh Pro toolPin

This Harry Josh Pro tool is considered the best hairbrush for detangling.

5. H. Goodman Mixed Bristle Purse Brush 9.99

Hair Brushes: Goody_Heritage_Collection_Mixed_Bristle_Purse_BrushPin

The Goody is the best hairbrush for frizz.