Types of Hair Dryer Attachments, Hair Dryer Holder

If you are suddenly interested in a hair dryer holder and hair dryer attachments, you’ve probably recently come across a whole new world in which tangled cords, and the vision of a clunky hair dryer dominating your dresser space does not exist. In your defense, you didn’t know any better but now, that you know that a neat-and-tidy dresser is possible, you aren’t and shouldn’t go back.

So you’ve probably been to your friend’s house or visited your favorite salon and noticed that hair dryers are placed neatly on wall-mounted stands. If you thought hair dryer holders were too expensive or that they only belong in pro salons, then feel again! Hairdryer holders and stands are surprisingly affordable, and even if you are the owner of an essential hairdryer, there’s a stand to suit, and most importantly, you deserve one.

Hair dryer holders and hair dryer attachments are probably tools you didn’t know you needed until now. Let’s be honest, as much as we love our hair care tools, these can take a crazy amount of space in your room, bathroom, or whatever room you’ve designated to have them. By finding the best hair dryer holders possible, you’ll be able to open up a lot of room and declutter space you can utilize for other stuff.

With our guide, we share some of the best hair dryer holders we could find and the best hair dryer attachments you didn’t know existed! Don’t forget to browse which hair dryer holder suits your specific needs.

Hair Dryer Attachments, Hair Dryer Holder FAQ’s

Why invest in a hair dryer?

Ever felt like a monumental task having to juggle a hairdryer and a hairbrush at the same time? We hear you, and we’re here to tell you, you shouldn’t have to suffer this way. A hair dryer holder can make your life easier, believe it or not, safer, and keep your room not looking like a battlefield.

Hair drying can sometimes seem like an uncomfortable time of your day but only when you feel like you are tangled among the loose cables lying around. Imagine if you had the freedom to move around as you wish. Or what about when you are done styling your mane but struggle to find a place where to properly store all your hair care tools without adding more clutter to your bathroom or bedroom. It can be a waste of time finding a spot for your hair dryer, but with a hairdryer holder, you’ll be able to organize your space more efficiently.

Different Type of Hair Dryer Attachments, Hair Dryer Holder

Best Hair Dryer Holders

1. Bestie Adjustable Hair Dryer Attachments, Hair Dryer Holder – Best for Wall & Mirror

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It is small and sleek, won’t take up room, and is designed to hold all standard-sized hair dryers.
Offers hands-free hair drying. Allows both hands to style your hair; it is also easy to mount to the mirror using suction cups or mount permanently to the wall using screws. If you are permanently mounting it, you can use it to store your hair dryer conveniently.
With this older, you can take multitasking while hair drying to the next level, put on makeup, check email, use your phone.

Find the Bestie Adjustable Hair Dryer Holder on Amazon

2. CHRUNONE 360 Degree Rotating Lazy Hair Dryer Stand

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This hand-free hair dryer stand comprises stainless steel rods; 360-degree rotation provides the proper angle and height for drying hair.
The height can be adjusted from 21 inches to 33 inches with the retractable rod, a flexible neck that allows you to adjust your hairdryer to the ideal angle.
Not only can this stand be used for hair styling purposes, but it can also be used for drying your nails or grooming your pets.

Find the CHRUNONE Hair Dryer Stand, 360 Degree Rotating Lazy Hair Dryer Stand on Amazon

3. Command Hair Dryer Holder

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If you are not into holes, screws, and nails, the Command Hair Dryer Holder comes with water-resistant adhesive strips that allow placement on many surfaces, including glass, mirrors, tile, fiberglass, wood, and painted surfaces.

Plus, the holder is easy to remove without causing damage to the surface. You slide the holder up, hold the mounting base, and pull the strips straight down.

Find the Command Hair Dryer Holder on Amazon

4. CHRUNONE Blow Dryer Holder – Best for Countertop

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It’s made out of stainless steel and plastic and can rotate to 360 degrees for easy adjustment. The hair dryer stand holder top has a strong rubber belt, can fit on any hairdryer, and hold hair dryer tightly, keep safe during blowing/grooming and rotating rod.

This particular holder also has a rubber belt that can fit on any standard hairdryer and secure it in place. The holder can be utilized for multiple purposes other than personal hair styling, such as pet grooming.

Find the CHRUNONE Hands Free Blow Dryer Holder, Stainless Steel Hair Dryer Stand Clamp Mount for Countertop on Amazon

5. Pard hairdryer Stand Holder – Best for professionals

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Pard hairdryer Stand can be placed anywhere you want, clipped to any desktop surface you need. It uses a powerful suction cup base with a pressure chuck to hold it firmly in place.

The hands-free option allows you to do something else entirely while the blow dryer works on your hair. The stainless tube and iron bracket make it stable enough to hold a heavy hairdryer. There is a belt for extra fixation. As a plus, Pard hairdryer Stand provides 360-degree rotation.

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6. JACKCUBE Design Hair Dryer Holder

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This is a well-designed 4-compartment storage kit that allows you to keep your assortment of hair tools neat and structured. It contains four different compartments to organize your favorite hair tools most effectively.
It is suitable to keep at home or for professional use—additional front storage space for extra hair and beauty products.

Find the JACKCUBE Design Hair Dryer Holder on Amazon. 

7. mDesign Metal Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer Holder

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This countertop hair dryer holder is perfect for keeping all your hair care tools separated, organized, and easy to find. You are generously sized so that you can safely store all of your hot styling tools and your combs and brushes.
Three compartments hold hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and brushes, while the basket helps to corral cords; the steel wire lets you store tools even while they’re still hot.
Its compact design takes up minimal space on small or crowded bathroom countertops and dressers.

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8. LANMU Stand Holder Compatible with Hair Dryer

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We saved the best for last; the hair dryer holder from LANMU is considered the best overall among users. It is a 3 in 1 hair dryer stand: Work as a hairdryer stand, diffuser stand, nozzle holder, steadily hold your hairdryer with 45 degrees support mode, perfectly organize your hair dryer accessories.
LANMU stand holder is compatible with the Dyson hair dryer and accessories, including one diffuser and two nozzles. The Aluminum Alloy heavy metal stand holds your hair dryer sturdy, offering paramount durability.
LANMU stand holder can also keep your hair dryer in a state of protection all the time, avoiding many unpredictable scratches and drops.

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Hair Dryer Attachments

Did you know that how you dry your hair can make or break your styling? Well, this may be the reason why you’re struggling with different hairstyles.

To achieve tremendous and easy styling, your hair needs to air dry the right way, and there’s such a thing as using a hair dryer the right way. Learning how to use a hair dryer the correct way involves using the proper hair dryer attachments. It’s the very reason these were created for.

Using the proper nozzle can make you look like a queen, just as styling without it can leave you with frizzy, poofy hair that makes you feel like crawling under a rock—all the more reason to use your hair dryer attachments.

Check out all about hair dryer attachments and how to use them.

1. Diffuser attachment

If you have curly hair, then be sure you’ll be needing one of these. The holes in the diffuser attachment allow the air from the dryer to flow through. This results in quick and, most importantly, frizz-free drying of your mane.

With a diffuser, your curl shape is left intact during the drying experience; this is because the diffuser head forces the air coming out of the dryer to spread out and up through the tines, and therefore, less hair is being targeted in one area only. A diffuser attachment makes drying much gentler.

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2. The picks

The pick attachment is perfect for big hair lovers; this is designed to add all the volume you want. Shorter picks are best suited for shorter strands, while longer hair requires a longer kind.

3. The styler

Imagine this hair dryer attachment as a hairbrush and blow dryer in one. It’s the ideal choice for those who are not that handy with the hair dryer. Instead of holding your round brush in one hand and the blow dryer in the other, the styler enables you to do both simultaneously; needless to say, super convenient, especially for the first-timers.

4. The nozzle

Also known as the concentrator nozzle, this hair dryer attachment can change the flow of the air coming out of the blow-dryer, focusing the airflow for more targeted drying -making it possible to dry specific sections at a time.

Nozzles are so essential that you’ll be needing one of these if you want a blowout to blow-dry your bangs straight or add volume to the root of your hair. As a pro tip: it is best to utilize a nozzle once your hair is partially dried.

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