Easy Steps To Create A Cute Rolled Updo

Your important event is coming and you have no idea how to style your mane? Then how about a cute yet, chic rolled updo? A rolled updo will make you look fantastic for all kinds of occasions, this versatile hairstyle is not only suitable for your party, work, or to hang out with friends but is also, summer weather approved. This is why today we’ll be sharing with you easy steps to create a cute rolled updo.

It’s the summer and it’s hot outside, and you probably want to look good but at the same time want something that will keep you cool. A rolled updo can make that happen, but you also probably want a style that will last. Then without a question, a rolled updo is what you are looking for; it looks great and leaves your neck free, keeping it cooler than other styles might.

A rolled updo hairstyle is a great way to look polished, pulled together, and professional. This elegant hairstyle is also great for events, networking, or parties. Think of a delicate braided french roll updo or how hair rolled in headband sounds! And what’s even better, contrary to what you may think, this type of hairstyle can be done quickly as well as easily.

As you can tell by now, hairstyles roll up are an excellent option when you want to look your best and as polished as possible. It can help to add volume and even out hair texture when it’s too flat or frizzy. A rolled updo hairstyle also looks excellent when paired with formal wear, such as prom or bridal shower. If you are convinced, continue reading and learn easy steps to create a cute rolled updo.

Rolled Updo Steps Using Pins

Follow the steps below for a beautiful rolled updo for medium hair.

Step 1 Use Styling Cream

Distribute your styling cream throughout the hair and section hair into three loose ponytails and backcomb the ends.

Try Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream, it tames frizz and flyaways. This is a leave-in styling cream that sets the stage for smooth, hydrated, and frizz-free hair. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream combines the conditioning benefits of argan oil with just the right touch of hold and definition. The result? Silky smooth, frizz-free styles that are full of life. The best part, it is designed for all hair types.

With a soft-hold formula, it conditions and prepares hair for styling. Refreshes next-day hair.

How to use Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream:

  • Apply a small amount evenly to damp or dry hair
  • Blow-dry and style as usual or allow hair to dry naturally

Step 2 Create rolls

Using both hands, make a slit in between and turn the ponytail upside down and repeat rolling up the hair. Creating something like an upside-down cinnamon bun.

Create a base of grips on your head to position the roll, by crossing bobby pins. Roll the bottom of the ponytail up to meet the head and pin it to the grip base for a firm hold.

Goody Bobby Pin Box with Magnetic Top, are slide proof and lock in place. A style essential, these bobby slides are great for updos and keeping stray hairs in place. Designed for extra staying power, these high-gloss bobby slides keep hair securely in place.

Designed to blend with your hair color or make a statement, these mini bobby pins tuck into your hair to hold flyaway. These black bobby pins are suitable for all hair types, for both women and girls.

Mix and match this set to tame tresses, create extravagant ‘dos, or stack their fashionable look. These are made with comfort tips for pain-free wear. Now you can secure updos, flyaways, and layers; and keep hair securely in place with a slide-proof grip.

Rolled Updo: Step 2, create rolls making a slit in between and turn the ponytail upside down and repeat rolling up the hairPin

Step 3 Secure rolls and finish with hair spray

Pull hair into the desired shape, using more pins if necessary. Finish with a quality hold hairspray. Try to work with day-old, unwashed hair for extra texture and hold.

We recommend Kenra Volume Spray 25, this super hold hairspray provides up to 120 hours of super hold and 24-hour high humidity resistance. This award-winning hairspray is fast-drying, flake-free, and wind resistant up to 25 MPH.

Kenra Volume Spray provides the maximum amount of volume and holds possible. It leaves hair looking natural and shiny while imparting the strength and volume necessary to make any style last all day.

Volume Spray 25 is layerable and may be used on any hair type. Less product may be needed for finer hair types.

How to use Kenra Volume Spray 25:

  • Shake well. Hold can 8-10 inches away, and spray in short bursts
  • To build volume: Spray between layers at the base
  • To secure long hair dressing: Spray over finished style
  • If clogging occurs, rinse under hot water
Rolled Updo: Step 3, secure rolls using more pins if necessary and finish with a quality hold hairsprayPin

Rolled Updo Steps Using A Headband

Step 1 Section hair

Brush all your hair back and decide where you want to part your hair. This style works well with a center part or side part.

Rolled Updo: Step 1, brush all your hair back and decide where you want to part your hair

Steps 2 Place the headband

Place your headband over your hair. Push it down so that it sits low around your head, below the occipital bone (that’s the bone that curves in at the back of your head).

Make sure your headband is a good fit, but if your headband keeps slipping you can use a couple of bobby pins to keep it in place.

Place the headband around your head and pin a bobby pin across the band behind your ears to stop it from moving. You can also add an extra pin through your hair to hold it in place.

Sale Thick Non-Slip Elastic Sport HeadbandsPin

You can try these cool, black Thick Non-Slip Elastic Sport Headbands, with reliable quality. The elastic headbands measure 40 cm/ 15.7 inches in perimeter, they have good elasticity, can be stretched, and extend their length to 42 cm/ 16.5 inches in unilateral.

These elastic headbands adopt a non-slip design, which will offer you a better experience, suitable for applying at home, gyms, and other places you want.

The sports headbands are good for doing any sports, exercises, and leisure activities, helping keep your hair away from your face.

Rolled Updo: Step 2, place your headband over your hair, push it down so that it sits low around your head

Step 3 Tuck the hair

Tuck your hair around the headband. Take 1-2 inch sections of hair, starting near your ear, and curve them around. Tuck the ends of your hair underneath the headband and keep tucking your hair in until it forms a roll.

Rolled Updo: Step 3, tuck your hair around the headband starting near your ear, and curve them aroundPin

Step 4 Secure hair

Finish tucking in your hair at the back. Work from each ear back and finish the roll by tucking in the last section at the back of your head. This helps to create a more uniform and even roll.

You can use some bobby pins to keep the style in place. Leave your bangs or front layers loose or you can pin them back into the roll too.

Rolled Updo: Step 4, secure hair at the back by tucking in the last section at the back of your head

Rolled Updo Steps Using a Ponytail

Step 1 Use Styling Mousse

Applying styling mousse will help you tame flyaways, especially if you have fine hair. After using the mousse, brush your hair thoroughly so that there are no tangles or knots in it.

Then, you’ll have to tie off the front section of your hair using a hair tie at the back of your head. If you have bangs ditch this part.

This TRESemmé Tres Mousse Tres Extra Hold provides protection for your hair through blow drying as well as heat styling with curling irons or curling wands, flat irons, and other heated styling tools.

Use TRESemmé Tres Mouse for both extra firm hold and frizz control so that you can rock any hairstyle with confidence in any weather.

This salon-quality formula gives you complete control of your tresses with enough flexibility to stay soft to the touch. This styling foam also provides fullness and bounce.

How to use TRESemmé Tres Mousse Tres Extra Hold:

  • Apply to damp hair
  • Blow-dry for lasting body and volume

Step 2 Make a ponytail

Take a comb and make a clean, even part down the middle of your hair. Tie it securely into a ponytail on the top of your head. The ponytail shouldn’t be too low, but you can adjust it depending on how high up you want your updo.

Rolled Updo: Step 2, brush your hair and tie it securely into a ponytail on the top of your headPin

Step 3 Twist your hair

Carefully twist your ponytail and wrap it around itself using your index finger till you get a roll. Make sure you make a tight roll and that the ends of the hair are safely tucked inside.

Rolled Updo: Step 3, carefully twist your ponytail and wrap it around itself using your index finger till you get a rollPin

Step 4 Finishing touches

Bring this roll to the top of your head and pin it in place using a clip or several bobby pins.

Tuck any loose hairs out of the side using a bobby pin to give a neat, cute look. You can even finish off with some hairspray to make the roll last for as long as possible.

Rolled Updo: Step 4, bring the roll to the top of your head and pin it in place using a clip or several bobby pinsPin

Common Question About How To Create A Rolled Updo

What is a rolled hair updo?

A rolled updo, which can also be a low rolled updo is an easy and elegant hairstyle, is one of the hairstyles you can never go wrong with. It’s sleek, stylish, and keeps the hair out of your face.

It is one of those hairstyles that you can easily wear on your bad hair day and still look your best. The result should be smooth hair that looks sleek and streamlined but still has volume at the root area.

Is a rolled updo a good idea?

You can wear it at your workplace, for a formal occasion, for a wedding or even a date. And since it keeps the hair out of your face and still manages to look stylish, it’s a good choice for school too.

If you wish, you can add accessories to your stylish updo to create a different look to suit the occasion.

A headpiece or headband tied around your bun can add an elegant and playful look to your date outfit, while a string of elegant pearls can be a perfect accessory to a bridesmaid’s hairstyle.

In a few words, a stylish rolled updo is a way to express your creative personality without spending much money or time styling your hair.

Is a classic bun the same as a rolled updo?

These are two similar ways of styling your hair. When you think of updos, your mind probably jumps to the classic bun. While this style is timeless and always classy, it can get boring after a while.

If you’re looking for something different but still chic, try out a rolled updo. These hairstyles roll up, take the same basic idea (pulling your hair up) but twist it with fun twists and turns.

A bun, also known as a bobtail is a hairstyle type made by pulling back your hair from the face, twisting or plating, and wrapping it in a circular coil around itself on the back side of your head.

Can you do a rolled updo on short hair?

A rolled updo is a no-brainer if you have long straight hair. It works best with medium-length hair that has been straightened or blown dry first.

But did you know that this hairstyle, in fact, can be adapted to short hair and other kinds of hair besides straightened?

Does a rolled updo work for curly hair?

It does! A rolled updo hairstyle can work for other kinds of hair besides straightened, such as curly or wavy hairstyles. Let’s say you have long layered curly hair, try twisting your curls into a bun instead.

You will get the same effect without having to spend hours on it.

How to create a messy butterfly-rolled updo?

Messy hairstyles are both beautiful and cute. With just a few simple steps you can create a cool-looking messy butterfly rolled updo.

  1. Untangle the hair properly.
  2. Take two parts of hair on each side of the hair. Twist them inwards.
  3. Hold them together and tie them into a ponytail.

How to do a step by step short hair french twist?

  1. Comb your short hair to remove any knots and add some hairspray or conditioner to make styling easier (as short hair can be hard to get)
  2. Take the top section of your hair and tie it with an elastic hair tie.
  3. Now divide your hair into 3 different sections: left, right, and back. Make the back section a little wider than the side sections.
  4. Tie the side sections of your hair using a hair tie to form pigtails.
  5. Twist the top of your hair into a rope braid and secure it flat at the back of your head. You can even braid it if you like.
  6. Twist the side sections of your hair into rope braids and secure them with a hair tie to the back section to form a low ponytail of sorts.
  7. Now take the back section of your hair, roll it into the cavity formed by the side sections using your index finger and keep rolling it until a roll is formed. Secure this roll with clips or bobby pins, and you’re finished.

How To Create A Rolled Updo Video Tutorial

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