How To Detangle A Synthetic Wig in 5 Easy Steps 2022

How to detangle a synthetic wig you asked? and how about how to detangle a cheap synthetic wig? If you are thinking about getting yourself a wig, this is a valid question that every wig owner should know. The first thing that might come to mind is to detangle your wig using fabric softener, but what if you are out of it? So today we’ll be telling you all about how to detangle a wig without fabric softener and more.

If wigs are your best friend either because of your hair type or you are just a big fan of them, knowing how to take care of them even if they’re cheap, is absolutely necessary if you want them to last a decent amount of time in optimum conditions. Needless to say, learning how to properly provide the right wig maintenance will also ensure it looks fantastic on you wherever you need it.

A wig is a great way to look polished, pulled together, and professional; they help you look your best whether at events, networking, or parties. And what’s even better, contrary to what you may think, synthetic wigs require less maintenance than human hair wigs and therefore require less effort to style and care for.

As you may imagine, giving your wig the right maintenance will help to extend its lifespan. You also must keep in mind that how often you need to detangle your wig will depend on how often you wear it. So if you are interested in learning how to wash and detangle a synthetic wig, this is your lucky day. Keep reading as we tell you all about it.

Types Of Wigs

The types of wigs are based on the materials and construction of the wig cap. There are four main types:

  • Lace wigs: Lace wigs are one of the most common choices of all the different wig types. These wigs feature a mesh “lace” base that is sheer to help it adapt to the color of your scalp when you wear it.
  • Monofilament wigs: These are similar to lace wigs, but there are some key differences. In monofilament wigs, every individual hair fiber is tied to the wig base to mimic the way hair naturally grows from the scalp.
  • Combination wigs: This type features machine-sewn wefts (sections or strips of wig hair fibers) in combination with strategically-placed hand-tied hair fibers for a more affordable alternative to 100% hand-tied wigs.
  • Capless Wigs: Capless wigs, also called wefted, open-cap, or open weft wigs, are basic wigs that feature machine-sewn wefts (strips of attached hair fibers) attached to a stretchy wig cap.
  • Polyurethane wigs: Are also known as poly, thin skin, or PU skin wigs, and are wigs with a polyurethane “scalp” base that is made to look like a natural scalp with hair growing through.

Types of Hair: Synthetic or Human

When picking a wig, most base their decision on the type of hair fiber. You can choose from human or synthetic hair.

  • Human Hair: This hair type gives the most natural look and feel, along with the most styling versatility. This type of hair also requires more styling and care.
  • Virgin Hair: This is the highest quality human hair available. This hair is all from a single donor. This hair hasn’t been dyed, permed, or bleached. This helps cut down on tangles and can last over a year with proper care.
  • Synthetic Hair: Higher quality synthetic hair offers a look and feel similar to human hair, but has limited styling versatility. Requires little maintenance and can generally be worn as soon as it’s unpackaged. Less durable than human hair and will last 4-6 months with proper care.
  • Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair: This type offers more styling versatility due to heat-friendly construction. Can be more challenging to style than a human hair. Less durable than traditional synthetic hair that can last 2-3 months with proper care.

Synthetic Wigs

Pros of Synthetic Wigs:

  • Easy Care. Because synthetic wigs have something called “style retention,” they never have to be styled. This means it is easy to learn how to detangle a synthetic wig.
  • Style Memory. Synthetic wigs hold their style regardless of the weather.
  • Versatile. You can try out various colors and styles without the need to see a hairstylist by purchasing multiple synthetic wigs. You can choose from an array of natural colors as well.
  • Natural Looking. If purchasing a high-quality synthetic wig, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a synthetic wig and one made from real human hair.
  • Ready to Wear. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled and ready to wear.

Cons of Synthetic Wigs:

  • Shorter life span. They typically last about 4-6 months with daily wear.
  • Cannot style. Synthetic wigs cannot be straightened or curled with heated styling tools unless it is a specifically designed “heat friendly” synthetic wigs.
  • Not color friendly. Recoloring is not recommended for synthetic wigs and traditional hair color will not adhere to the fibers.

How To Detangle A Synthetic Wig Steps

Step 1 Brush or Comb Prior to Washing

Before washing/conditioning your wig, take the time to gently work out the tangles with a wig brush or wide-tooth comb.

We recommend Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb, this large tooth comb is shaped to conveniently style your synthetic hair on the go. Use this wide tooth comb detangler to style HD hair of any length.

The Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb is compatible with all cap constructions. It is the only wig comb you need when styling heat-friendly fiber.

It is expertly designed to comfortably fit in your hand & detangle synthetic hair without causing breakage, this wide tooth comb detangler is the nifty tool you need to prolong your synthetic hairpiece’s life & hold its style.

How to use Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb:

  • Simply run this detangling comb carefully from the ends of your synthetic hair up to return it to its tangle-free glory.
How To Detangle A Synthetic wig: Step 1, prior to washing, gently work out the tangles with a wig brush or wide-tooth comb

Step 2 Wash You Wig Properly

To begin apply a gracious amount of shampoo to your synthetic hair and rinse it out. You will follow up, by using a leave-in conditioner, remembering not to get the conditioner on the roots. Applying conditioner to the roots or knots will loosen the hairs.

Fibonacci Beauty Synthetic Hair Wig Shampoo comes highly recommended. This premium wig care solution cleanses, revitalizes, detangles, and removes residue.

It is formulated specifically to restore the life of your wigs and hairpieces. Deeply cleanses, mildly moisturizes, detangles, and tenderly replenishes while keeping the wig looking new.

The shampoo is eco-friendly. It is an ethically sourced organic product and mineral oil free, sulfate free, and paraben free. Very safe for sensitive skin.

How to use Fibonacci Beauty Synthetic Hair Wig Shampoo:

  • Shake well until the mixture has a uniform color
  • Immerse the wig or hair pieces in cool water and pour 2 capfuls of Fibonacci Beauty Shampoo
  • Then mix and soak for 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly in cool running water
  • Towel dry your wig or hair pieces
How To Detangle A Synthetic wig: Step 2, apply a gracious amount of shampoo to your synthetic hair and rinse it out

Step 3 Detangle Using Leave-in Conditioner

While the leave-in conditioner is coating the hair, you want to use your wide tooth comb and begin detangling. Detangle the hair starting from the bottom of the hair and working your way to the roots. Once detangled you may now rinse the hair.

Awesome Synthetic Wig Leave-in Conditioning Spray is great because it contains coconut oil to keep your wig looking healthy and shiny. Additionally, it is very effective in reducing damaged hair strands from your wig.

It is an excellent wig spray that keeps promoting your wig with volume, silkiness, body, and shine.

Use our synthetic wig leave-in conditioning spray to prolong the life of your wig, detangles hair, prevents dryness, promote silkiness, shine, body, and volume, and gives you that fresh feeling.

How to use Awesome Synthetic Wig Leave-in Conditioning Spray:

  • Hold bottle 6 to 8 in away from the wig and spray evenly
  • Gently comb through the wig using your fingers or a big toothcomb
How To Detangle A Synthetic wig: Step 3, follow up, by using a leave-in conditioner, then use your wide tooth comb and begin detangling

Step 4 Air Dry

Follow up by pat drying the synthetic hair and place it on your wig stand to air dry. While the hair is on the wig stand take the opportunity to detangle and style it with your wide tooth comb once more.

How To Detangle A Synthetic wig: Step 4, pat dry the synthetic hair and place it on your wig stand to air dryPin

Step 5 Use A Detangler

After you have washed and conditioned your wig, lightly spray detangler throughout the whole wig. Use a wide tooth wig comb and work gently from the bottom tips about an inch at a time in sections.

As each section becomes smooth and the comb glides easily through work on the next section until you have been through the whole wig. You can use a wig detangler every day to keep your wig looking good on dry hair too.

We recommend Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler. It helps enhance and prolong the beauty of synthetic wigs and hair extensions and is super easy and simple to use.

This product eliminates frizz and helps maintain the healthy shine and body of the wig. Spray it on and comb through to eliminate tangles and frizz while restoring healthy luster and body. It can be used every day.

How to use Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler:

  • Hold 6-8 inches away from hair and spray the desired amount
  • Gently comb through using a wide tooth comb
  • Let air dry
How To Detangle A Synthetic wig: Step 5, after washed and conditioning, lightly spray detangler throughout the whole wigPin

How To Detangle A Synthetic Wig Tips

  • When detangling a wig always start with small sections at the bottom of the wig and gradually work your way up until you have combed through and detangled each section.
  • Excessive combing and pulling on hair can cause the wig to lose hair.
  • If you manage your wig each day the upkeep is much less. The more tangled the wig is, the harder it is to bring it back.

Common Question About How To Detangle A Synthetic Wig

Are synthetic wigs cheaper?

Synthetic wigs are relatively inexpensive. It is more affordable to have multiple wigs or to replace your style when you get tired of your current look.

Why do synthetic wigs tangle?

Tangling can depend a lot on how well the wig is made and whether the cuticles are all going in the right direction or if it’s been processed with some kind of chemical or color; if the hair has been laid in wrong or if it’s been treated, then it’s more likely to tangle.

What do you need to detangle a synthetic wig?

There are a couple of different products you can use to detangle a synthetic wig including a leave-in conditioner, fabric softener, or a product designed specifically for untangling wigs.

Is it hard to learn how to detangle a synthetic wig?

No, is not hard to learn how to detangle a synthetic wig. Usually, synthetic wigs are easy and low maintenance. To keep your synthetic hair soft, start by submerging it in a tub filled with cool water and shampoo. Rinse the shampoo off using cool water.

To keep it soft, you can use the same process but use cool water and conditioner or fabric softener.

How to wash and detangle a synthetic wig?

Keep in mind you can only use synthetic care products on synthetic hair.

All synthetic hairs should be washed every 6-8 wears to avoid tangling and product build up. When washing your synthetic hair, do not soak the hair. You always want to wash your hair under a running faucet with room temperature water.

How often will you wear your wig?

How often you need to wash your wig will depend on how often you wear it, which affects the amount of care you need to provide for your wig.

Most synthetic wigs only need to be washed every 6-8 wears, but human hair wigs may need to be washed more often in order to re-style the wig. Washing and styling the wig frequently can put more stress on the fibers, causing them to break down more easily.

Can a synthetic wig be trimmed?

Synthetic wigs can be trimmed by experienced stylists to your liking, but cannot be heat styled to change the texture and cannot be re-colored. What you see is what you get when it comes to the texture, style, and color of a synthetic wig.

How to detangle a cheap synthetic wig?

Steaming your wig is one of the best ways how to detangle a cheap synthetic wig.
To prolong the lifespan of your synthetic wig, you can try steaming it. Steaming can straighten out the kinks in the artificial fibers if you perform it in a carefully controlled way.

What should you avoid when learning how to detangle a synthetic wig?

  • Putting extra energy into how to detangle a synthetic wig, it’s never a good move. Trying to yank your way through knots will only lead to issues such as fraying/damaging the hair strands.
  • Sleeping in your wig is an almost certain way to wind up with tangles. Be sure to remove your wig prior to lying down for a quick nap or crawling into bed at night.
  • Do not try to brush or comb out your wig when wet, this can permanently damage or stretch out the hair fibers.
  • Why you should learn how to detangle a synthetic wig without fabric softener?
  • Though numerous sources exhort the use of non-wig products on your hair, such as fabric softener, be aware that there are no guarantees these products will not damage your wig.

How To Detangle A Synthetic Wig Video Tutorial

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